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Aquarius Stoner Horoscope January

Aquarius Stoner Horoscope January

Stoner Aquarius January will be a month of personal revelations.  As the new year begins, the universe will be sending positive waves of personal growth.

What a wonderful way to start the year my curious WaterBearer.  Open your stash jar.  Inhale the consciousness expanding gifts of the sacred herb.  Open yourself to the positivity flowing into your being.

The cannabis strain does not matter this month stoner Aquarius.  Toke time throughout the month to sink deep within when you spark a bowl to get lifted.

Your curiosity for outward puzzles will turn inward this month.  Don’t fight the feeling to find secluded moments for solo smoke sessions.  Use your cannabis copilot to guide your inquiry within.  There is still so much to learn about yourself stoner Aquarius.

This medicated meditative practice of self inquiry will be as illuminating as the Sun bringing warm rays on a cold day.  With self discovery, the terrestrial plane, and the broader smoke circle, will be unveiled with new sight.  That should make solving terrestrial puzzles so much easier!

Warning Stoner Aquarius:  The positive cosmic vibes will illuminate your aura this month.  It will seem as if your fellow terrestrial astronauts see you in a new light.  Like a magnet with positive attraction, be ready for people to gravitate toward you.  But you must find your inner chill stoner Aquarius.  Frivolous escapades will take you off your progressive mission this month.  

Find new discoveries within, and allow your inner voice to sing.

Virgo Stoner Horoscope January

Virgo Stoner Horoscope January

Stoner Virgo, here … we …. GO!  The adventure of 2021 is now a memory.  We march forward into 2022 with everything we contain within. A new year to manifest our vision and being on our great terrestrial plane.

Our sacred herb is a large part of how we see the landscape in front of us.  Our cannabis copilot opens the doors to reality.  It enhances our third eye to see possibilities.

Know thyself stoner Virgo.  Often, vision isn’t your deficit.  You can create wonderful visions of manifestation, and march like a soldier to your canna-inspired destiny.  

But do you pack more than you can smoke?  Be honest stoner Virgo.  Has a dream of destiny created a mountain of tasks in the past?  Do you sometimes grind up more than you can burn down?

Drive, ambition, and creativity all must be tempered by perspective, humility, and honesty.

Use your cannabis copilot this month to slow down time.  Through regular and moderate meditations with the sacred herb, take a second look at your ambitious plans from a higher perspective. 

This medicated meditative task throughout the month will help you find balance my stoner Virgin.  The goal in life is not to pack the biggest bowl, it’s to enjoy the herb.  Don’t load what you can’t or shouldn’t smoke.  The process will be more fulfilling, and you might find more enjoyment in a higher quality manifestation.  Chill stoner Virgo.  You got this. 

Pisces Stoner Horoscope January

Pisces Stoner Horoscope January

Stoner Pisces, if 2021 left you feeling dazed and confused, I’m here to remind you that you’re not alone. Remember that for every low moment, there were hazy highs that provided a counterbalance to those trying and tumultuous times.

While other stoner star signs are focused on New Year’s resolutions, for you, January is about hitting the reset button rather than a complete reimagining. So, take a few weeks to pause, puff, and truly stop to smell and smoke the flowers.

My stoner Pisces, you have been swimming through rough waters, but now you will get to enjoy a more mellow flow as you traverse new cosmic currents. There are really only two things that should be on your to-do list this month:  Cannabis and Contemplation.  There is zero reason to rush, so relax my friendly Fish. 

When it comes to the sinsemilla you smoke during this Winter season, it will be important to find strains that help to mediate your mood.

If you find yourself having trouble breaking away from the daily grind, the sacred herb can bring you solace. When the mind won’t stop racing, reach for the mellow green, my stoney Fish. Classics like Jack Herer will help you find your center, and bring you back to the here and now; other strains like AC/DC will lead you down the highway to well.

Pack the bowl with big buds of Blue Dream and OG Kush when you are vibing nice, and want to keep the positivity flowing. 

You have the whole year ahead of you to reach for the stars stoner Pisces, so for now, it is time to relax here on Earth, and recharge your cosmic spacesuit. You can always look ahead to what the future may hold, but this month, just light one up and let it be.

Smokin Js Anniversary

Scorpio Stoner Horoscope January

Scorpio Stoner Horoscope January

Courage stoner Scorpio.  January marks the beginning of a new year, and an opportunity to set positive intentions for progress and fulfillment that could last well into the future.

You are a powerful force within the stoner Zodiac my self-motivated Scorpion.  In January celestial forces will assist in grounding your powerful stoner star sign traits to your inner voice and motivations.  Use the sacred herb as a divining rod of inspiration.  The cannabis strain does not matter.  The positive intention you find in the glow of the burning bowl will light up the night, and your powers of manifestation.

Trust yourself stoner Scorpio.  Trust the magic of the sacred herb.  Together, you are a powerful cosmic combination!

A key to your powerful presence on the terrestrial plane is your patience, and discipline.  Allow your cannabis copilot to connect the drives of your internal voice to the outward projection of your physical existence.

With the sacred herbal-infused connection made to your internal voice, a fresh start and positive direction will be set in January.  The medicated meditations made today, could propel you forward into tomorrow, where passion and progress will be revealed.

Libra Stoner Horoscope January

Libra Stoner Horoscope January

Stoner Libra, the new year will truly be a time to hit the reset button.  An opportunity to turn over a new, fresh, and frosty leaf.  Just remember that starting over doesn’t always mean you are starting at the bottom. 

What do you do when the stash jar gets low?  You reup. 

My balanced stoner, regardless of where you begin, 2022 is the year of the come up!  And when it comes to how high you climb, the sky won’t be the limit; only how big you dare to dream, and how hard you are willing to grind.

Your energy, enthusiasm, and aspirations are likely to be contagious in January. While others hide inside, away from the cool winter weather, you will be the friend with the greenest ganja.  Lighting up, lifting spirits, and inspiring your fellow cannasseurs to get off the couch, and to keep it moving!

Stoner Libra, just like two bowls is better than one, you will accomplish more of your goals by teaming up with like-minded partners in chronic. Begin each brainstorming session by sparking up some sweet sinsemilla.  That will help to get the synapses firing at full speed, and assist in unlocking maximum creative energy.

This time of constructive cooperation is more than just the old saying that ‘sharing is caring.’  It’s about teaming up to imagine and manifest what individually would have been thought inconceivable.

This January, stay busy stoner Libra, but don’t forget balance. Invoke the uplifting vapors of the sacred herb to help you soar to new heights.  But remember your cannabis copilot is also there whenever you need to come back down to earth.

Sagittarius Stoner Horoscope January

Sagittarius Stoner Horoscope January

It’s a new year stoner Sagittarius.  And with this change in calendar comes a cosmic breeze of energy and enthusiasm to fill your quiver.

Toke time with the sacred herb early in the month for a lifted strategy meditation session.  The New Moon on the 2nd marks a peak of cosmic energy sent your way.  Match bowls with the universe, and dare to dream stoner Sag.

But be careful my master Archer!  Avoid purebred cannabis strains.  Instead seek a nice Indica-Sativa hybrid for this energetic period.  The ideas will be flowing from your own instinct and universal support.  A pure Sativa cannabis strain could surge the energy in the universal amplifier to 11.  You aren’t a rock star stoner Sagittarius.  You are a warrior.

The important aspect of the January time period will not be in the high-minded idea generation, but instead it will be on the execution of high-minded ambitions.

Hence, a pure Sativa strain could get you stuck in a frenetic and manic stage of idea creation; and a pure Indica strain could negate the impact of the energetic universal blessing.

A 50-50 hybrid strain will utilize the perspective enhancing powers of your cannabis copilot, and leave you ready to act on your medicated meditations.

So dream big this month stoner Sagittarius, but don’t get stuck in your head.  There is action to accomplish on the terrestrial plane.  Unleash the cannabis enhanced powers of your mind, and follow the direction of your inner voice into productive battle.

Aries Stoner Horoscope January

Aries Stoner Horoscope January

Inhale positive intentions.  Exhale positive manifestation.  It’s a new year stoner Aries!  Anything is possible, and it is all within you.

January brings a powerful lunar cycle with a Super New Moon on the 2nd, a Full Moon on the 17th, and a Black Moon on the 31st.  

Native Americans call the Full Moon of the 17th the Wolf Moon, as the luminosity draws the attention of all terrestrial spirits to the celestial cycle during the dark Winter month.

Now is the time for your future stoner Aries!  Toke time between the New Moon bookends meditating with the sacred herb.  Just you, your favorite piece, and the peace of the sacred herb.

Find multiple moments to steal away from the hustle and bustle of your energetic terrestrial life for medicated meditative solo smoke sessions.  Use your cannabis copilot to connect with your inner voice.  Magnify it’s volume.

The positive intentions you make this month will become the positive manifestations you reap in future periods.  There will be plenty of opportunities to howl at the Moon stoner Aries.  Toke time for self, and make sure you set the intentions today you want to fulfill tomorrow.

Leo Stoner Horoscope January

Leo Stoner Horoscope January

Confidant. Compassionate. Charismatic. These are all words that are appropriate when it comes to describing the stoner Leo. And of course, I would never forget, ‘cannabis enthusiast’. But there will always be some who see your generosity as showing off; those who see your unwavering loyalty as domineering.

You can’t control how other people view you stoner Leo; so don’t waste time trying. Instead, pack yourself a bowl of the frostiest greens, breathe, and let it be. The only critic you should listen to this month is you! Even with all your confidence, or maybe because of it, you know when there is room for improvement. 

Spend time in the first days of the new year meditating, inhaling the perspective-expanding magic vapors of the sacred herb. The goal of this introspection isn’t just to find something wrong that you need to fix. This kind of medicated meditation will help you to discover and identify the things that you want to make even better.

Remember my stoner Lion:  January isn’t always about making grandiose resolutions.  Sometimes it is better to use this fresh start to plant the seeds for future growth in the areas of yourself you want to see flourish in the coming year.

Most of the month will be best spent puffing and planning. You may be eager to become the best version of yourself, but remember my lovely Leo, progress requires patience. However high you wish to rise, be confident that you will ultimately get there. But if you find that you become over eager to reach your final destination, know that your cannabis copilot is there to help you slow your roll. 

This month is the time to dream big. Just remember, that even the biggest dreams, even the tallest trees, began with the smallest seed.

Gemini Stoner Horoscope January

Gemini Stoner Horoscope January

My spiritually flexible stoner Gemini, the January time period will test all of your skills of adaptability!  An easy task for the marijuana morphing Twin!

Puff puff pass on complex conundrums within smoke circle communications this month.  Recognize that everything is changing within the dynamics of your canna-crew.  

We’ve entered a new period of progress.  Shared stories and smoke sessions of the past will not relate to current cannabis communion.

Toke time early in the month to stock the stash jar with various cannabis strains.  Focus on flexibility with your sacred herbal medicine cabinet.  The power of the sacred herb can support you in so many ways.  Most importantly, the perspective enhancement of your third eye vision, as it relates to your cannabis companions, will be needed in the second Winter month.

Stoner Gemini, as you ride the energetic flow of the universe this month, use your cannabis copilot to see smoke squad dynamics with new eyes.  Terrestrial communications will be changing, but you will be changing as well.  Keep your third eye open to see the landscape from a higher perspective.

In the end, you are a flexible shape shifter stoner Gemini.  With the guidance of the sacred herb, this period will be a fun lesson in communication and companionship within the smoke circle.

Capricorn Stoner Horoscope January

Capricorn Stoner Horoscope January

For most signs in the stoner Zodiac, New Year’s festivities mark the end of the celebratory holiday season. But for the stoner Capricorn, the party is just getting started! This month, it’s time to light up, breathe in the soothing vapors of the sacred herb, and let go of your inhibitions with every exhalation. 

You are still the same hardworking, ambitious, and persistent ganja-loving Sea-Goat, but January will be a season when you have full license to embrace and explore your more lighthearted side. 

Doing your job well, and advancing in your career, is still an important investment; but you will see the most notable growth in the spiritual and social spheres of life.

Take full advantage this month of any opportunity that arises for you to puff and philosophize with your partners-in-chronic.  Don’t pass on the chance to spend time talking and toking with your fellow terrestrial astronauts. Afterall, what better way to let loose at the end of a busy day than to relax and match bowls with your best buds.

Stoner Capricorn, you shouldn’t be surprised when you see your smoke circle expand in the second Winter month. In fact, your fun-loving, free spirit approach to life right now will be hard to resist!  The only thing you have to worry about is that your pieces are clean, and your stash jars are kept full. 

When you can, plan ahead and put some thought into your social smoke sessions. Perhaps a POT-luck is in order?  Everyone can bring their favorite stoney snack and sacred strain.  By the end of the ganja-gathering, everything should be consumed. Or, you can make a day of it by indulging in some extra strength edibles, and embarking on a 420 movie marathon.

Regardless of what weather Winter might bring, you can breathe easy with the knowledge that the cosmos has nothing but positive vibes and good times in store for you. But it will be up to you to keep the ganja burning and party grooving stoner Capricorn.

Aries Stoner Horoscope December

Countdown to blast off stoner Aries!  The final push to the new year will see cosmic waves of strength and energy propelling you forward toward your future you.

Seek balance my rambunctious Ram throughout the month with hybrid strains of our sacred herb.  Balance is the key to reaping the rewards of this fiery celestial influence.

A pure Sativa cannabis strain could tip the energy scale to obsessive heights.  Whereas a pure Indica cannabis strain could muddy the energetic gift from the heavens.  Thus, an old favorite like Gorilla Glue would be the best bud for your stash jar this month.

Know yourself stoner Aries.  If you feel your cannabis consumption detracting from the mission of the day, perhaps you need to tone down the psychoactive THC element for the more medicinal CBD properties.  

With bold energetic cosmic winds filling your sphere, even a confident stoner Ram could get anxiety wiggles.  A bowl of ACDC can settle the soul in those most important moments.

Don’t hesitate to get experimental stoner Aries.  Find the right balance for you.  Maybe a little bit of this bud mixed with a little bit of that bud will bring you in tune with the wonderful world around you.

All this talk of balance and internal harmony is important.  The cosmic energy being thrust in your direction this month will be focused on getting things done.  

This will mean different things for different stoner Aries.  Perhaps one stoner Aries might dive head deep into that studious project of knowledge.  Another Aries might find the momentum to complete that big home project they are working on.

With the right balance of support from the sacred herb, perhaps you will be a multi-tasking master, and harness the energy to do it all.

Finally stoner Aries, toke time to contemplate with your cannabis copilot before you lock horns with fellow terrestrial astronauts.  Don’t shy away from authenticity, but be empathetic and mature in delivery.  There is too much to get done this month to mess around with smoke circle dramatics.

Cancer Stoner Horoscope December

Stoner Cancer, you may be ready to load the bong, sit on the couch, and say good riddance to the crazy and hazy days of 2021.  Unfortunately, my chronic-loving Crab, you still have a few more weeks to go before you can embrace the new beginnings of a new year. 

For now, while you shouldn’t expect every challenge to recede, you can expect for the stars to align in your favor.  You will truly be able to slow your roll this December.

If you were to answer honestly stoner Cancer, would you even want an uneventful ending to such a wild year? Probably not.  Don’t worry my stoner Crab, you definitely won’t have time to get bored. Whether it’s puffing and passing the time in your stoney sanctuary, or grabbing your reliable daily driver to brave the cool winter days in search of the perfect snowy smoke spot, your partners-in-chronic are sure to keep you moving.

Stoner Cancer, although the temperature outside might be cold, you can expect your romantic prospects to heat up. Maybe you just discovered your longtime crush is Four-Twenty friendly, and you are finally ready to pack a bowl for two. You may meet your future cannabis companion at the social smoke session you almost passed on. And of course, you may just be feeling yourself this month, and simply choose to enjoy talking and toking with some good buds.

The point is to keep your eyes and mind open. Romance and relationship building don’t have to be your main goal.  Just enjoy the marijuana infused moments, and be ready to light-up and leap-in when cupid does find you.

Stoner Cancer, if you want to make the most of the fresh start the New Year offers, then don’t leave projects unfinished, or bring unresolved baggage with you as you begin the next chapter of your story. 

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it will be even more important to toke time to unwind and unplug. Meditating with the sacred herb will allow you the peace needed to reflect on where you’ve been, and to look forward to what happens next in your stoney saga.

The New Year will be here soon enough, my caring Crab. But for now, you should be proud of how far you’ve come this year, and confident that in 2022, the sky will truly be the limit.

Capricorn Stoner Horoscope December

Stoner Capricorn, what is your mission on this terrestrial plane?  In this existence hurtling through space on our spaceship Earth.  It’s a heavy question, but one worth considering once in a while.

I have a friend and mentor who contemplates ‘service to self’ and ‘service to others’ as modes of personal action.  This month, the universe will be sending cosmic vibes of ‘service to self’ your way in support of personal endeavors.

It’s ok my trusted Sea-Goat.  It’s great to get a little helping hand from universal support once in a while.  But it is equally important to keep a cool head when the spotlight is on you.

Stoner Capricorn ‘Service to self’ should not be interpreted as selfish.  But it does mean you might get caught up in your own head with possibilities of grandiose internalization.  Projects could become passionate endeavors as the rest of the world slips away from your concern.

The key to December will be to harness the cosmic support without losing your head.  Embrace it, but don’t get lost in the process.

Think of your cannabis consumption prescription the same way this month.  Embrace your own personal desire and interest in the sacred herb.  Smoke when you want, and how you want stoner Capricorn.

However, there is one task you must set aside to keep yourself in check from losing attachment to your smoke circle and the terrestrial world around you.  

The final Full Moon of the year is on the 18th.  Toke time to self around this date with a deep meditative solo smoke session with the sacred herb.  Just you, a bowl of the good green, in a comfortable place of solitude.

Use this deep dive with your cannabis copilot to fly high above the terrestrial plane.  See yourself, and your surroundings from a 50,000 foot view.  Sometimes the best way to stay grounded is to fly high above to gain perspective.  Our sacred herbal assistant is the perfect tool to bring clarity to life.

As the year comes to a close, this month of personal commitment will help strengthen internal bonds, and send you into 2022 ready for new challenges and perhaps continued ‘service to others’.

Gemini Stoner Horoscope December

Stoner Gemini patience and understanding will be required to receive the celestial benefits of the first Winter month.  Our sacred herb can be a wonderful tool to help us see hidden mechanisms that might be holding us back from progress.

Perspective must be sought in December stoner Gemini.  We may all be trapped within our own perspective of life, but that doesn’t mean we can’t see and understand more grand perspectives beyond ourselves.

Planetary alignment will bring negative waves of envy to the stoner Twin this month.  It is a vicious thing to focus on what you don’t have, or what others do.

Toke time with cannabis this month as a tool to expand your perspective stoner Gemini.  Your cannabis copilot can take you deep within, and high above.  

The sacred strain and the consumption method does not matter in December.  The important aspect of the month will be your use of cannabis as a tuning fork for broader perspective.  Throughout the month, use the sacred herb to enhance your third eye vision of yourself and the world around you.

In the great words of Stewart Smalley, “You are good enough, you are smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like you.”

The Full Moon of December 18th marks a change in tone for the month.  Grab your favorite Sativa strains from the stash jar for this final push to end the year.  Communication with your fellow tokin’ terrestrial astronauts will slide into a free and easy state.  Projects, both short and long term, will gain momentum.

Stoner Gemini, the energizing nature of the Sativa cannabis species will assist in drawing out the positive potential of communal smoke sessions.  As it will also provide a sacred wind in your sail moving forward with passionate projects.

In the end the December period will be like so many others:  A blessing in potential progress with potential personal pitfalls of hubris.  Your cannabis copilot will be there to help you extract the good, and protect against the bad.

Pisces Stoner Horoscope December

Stoner Pisces, no matter what the past eleven months have held, you can look forward to a peaceful completion to 2021. It may not always feel like it when you’re in the moment, but as you look back on the year that was, you can be proud that you embraced all the highs, and overcame even the lowest lows, to become a wiser and stronger you!

Those who are fortunate to call you their partner-in-chronic will notice your elevated confidence, and your newfound groove. Especially when it comes to your interpersonal relationships, my easygoing Fish, you can expect good vibes to abound. 

Romantic prospects will get taken to the next level, and even platonic connections—those who you love, but are exclusively your four-twenty-friendly friends—will enjoy a period filled with good greens and great people. 

Even when everyone is thriving and vibing, lighting up and living the high life, it can be important to break away from the social smoke scene for time to relax, reflect, and toke alone. While refreshing and recharging your own cosmic spacesuit is important, this down time isn’t just for your own peace, stoner Pisces. You may have partners-in-chronic who need a break from all the hot-boxing, but who may not want to hurt feelings by passing on a smoke session. 

Read the room stoner Pisces. Be mindful of when everyone’s eyes are looking a little more red than usual, and when it might be time to call it a night.

But, don’t worry my slippery Fish.  Even if you don’t join the canna-crew for every chronicle, or you missed out on the last epic endo-excursion, there are sure to be many more ahead!

You really couldn’t ask for a greater ending to this year; or a better beginning to the next. The relationships you’ve nurtured over the past twelve months, and the connections you’ve cultivated, will lay the groundwork for limitless growth in 2022. 

As you welcome the New Year, keep your spirits high stoner Pisces, and keep your optimism even higher!

Sagittarius Stoner Horoscope December

It’s the holidaze stoner Sagittarius! For many this means sharing good food with good people, and kind buds with our closest cannabis companions. And for some, it means a time for giving gifts to their family and friends.

Stoner Sagittarius, if you are the gift giving type, or are feeling particularly generous during this time of year, remember, that you don’t have to burn through ALL of your financial green in order to give memorable and meaningful gifts. 

Keep an eye on both your spendable and smokeable resources.  You don’t want to start the New Year trying to scrape together a scrounged-up bowl, or wondering why your bank account is so low.

If you are already in a committed relationship, you can expect a season of peace, prosperity, and passion. You and your cannabis companion will find yourselves vibrating at an equally high frequency.  Fitting together like Yin and Yang.  Complementing one another like a freshly rolled joint on a sunny day.

Take full advantage of this happy and hazy time by planning a trip for two to your favorite ganja getaway. I know the holidays can be exciting and fulfilling, but at times equally daunting and draining. Even if it’s just a day or two, pack the bong, or your favorite portable rig, fill the stash jars with your favorite strains, and sneak away to a secret secluded smoke spot to pack a holiday bowl for two. 

Don’t worry, if you are a stoner Sag living the single life, you won’t be missing out on all the romance and year end recreational smoke sessions. With everyone’s spirits high, and with good cheer abounding, strangers can soon become cannabis cohorts; and smoke circle acquaintances will quickly grow to become best buds. 

As you look back on your cosmic journey through the stars this past year, remembering all the hazy days of Summer, thinking of all those smoky nights you spent with your partners-in-chronic contemplating life, the universe, and everything, be sure to spend some of that time talking and toking.  Truly imagine where you want your endo-adventure to take you in 2022.

Scorpio Stoner Horoscope December

Stoner Scorpio, you thought 2020 was an interesting year.  2021 said “hold my bong!”  The final month of the year might be an apropos finish to the wild ride of 2021.

The decisions and actions you take in December will be impact-full in future periods.  The year will finish on a serious note, much more-so than whimsical.  But relax my cautious Scorpion, all forks in the road will be navigable with proper preparation and steadfast attention.

Load up the stash jar with Sativa dominant cannabis strains and or hybrids.  Mental acuity and creative energy will be required to get the most out of this month.

Toke time with your cannabis copilot throughout the month to monitor yourself from a higher perspective.  Celestial bodies may be sending you cosmic support to get lost within passion projects.  While this support might seem nice, you run the risk of getting lost in your own world while life on the terrestrial plane passes you by.

As with all things stoner Scorpio, balance must be struck.  Dive into the escape of your own personal passion project, but keep your head.  Use your cannabis copilot to maintain connection to your surroundings.  

As long as you keep an eye on the necessary terrestrial tasks of the day, you can dive into the solitude of your personal endeavor without concern.

The mood of the month may change after the Full Moon on the 18th.  It is at this time that you will need to find your inner chill stoner Scorpio.  Cosmic waves of frenetic influence could push you into perilous situations.

Once again, use the sacred herb to find a higher vantage point.  See the situation from a longer timeline so that costly decisions are not made with rash expediency.  

Remember this as we head into the gift giving season: Nobody requires you to overspend.  Those thoughts are all within your head stoner Scorpio.

December will be a fantastic month as long as you find your chill, and operate from a cautious higher perspective.  I’ll smoke to that, and I can’t wait for 2022 either!

Taurus Stoner Horoscope December

Stoner Taurus, we all thought 2020 was dramatic, 2021 said, “Hold my bong!”  This December will finish the year off with a bang.  But more personally for you, the final month of the year will bring great conclusions and great ambitions.

Great Conclusions:  Stoner Taurus be ready early in the month for an important task with the sacred herb.  The New Moon of the 3rd will mark a wonderful opportunity to toke cannabis and take stock in your personal journey.

Break out and grind up a deep Indica cannabis strain or an Indica dominant hybrid.  An OG cannabis strain like Northern Lights will fit the bowl perfectly.

This solo meditative smoke session should focus on appreciation and acknowledgement.  Appreciate the blessings and triumphs stoner Taurus.  Acknowledge the mistakes and lessons learned.

This meditative journey with the sacred herb early in the month should center your celestial alignment, and solidify your footing moving through the remainder of the month.

Great Ambitions:  My beautiful Bull, December is as tricky as 2021 has played out.  Planetary alignment will support forward thinking and grand ideas.  The first Winter month could be that iced sled ride down that perfect hill.  All you want to say is ‘weeeeeee’!

It could be like that stoner Taurus, and it most likely will feel like that.  However, you will need a 50,000 foot view perspective to extract the blessings from the universe this month.  So spark a bowl or fire up a joint, and stay lifted during this journey.

Use your cannabis copilot as a grand navigator.  See the landscape and the ambitious project of the day from a larger perspective.  Because the danger of December is getting caught-up in your own hubris.

The universe will be sending productive energy like lightning bolts into your psyche.  There is no stopping you stoner Taurus.  However, you can’t lose sight of where you are in the progressive path of project completion.

Toke a time out with the sacred herb to slow things down this month.  The huge momentum you are working with may have a payoff far down the terrestrial road.

Don’t lose sight of important tasks and important cannabis companions while you are hard charging ahead.  And don’t place short-term emotional expectations on the work you do today.  There will be a grand payout tomorrow.

Stoner Taurus the sacred herb will be there for you to assist in all the right ways.  Burn it and believe it.

Virgo Stoner Horoscope December

Stoner Virgo your natural state of being is on-point and on-mission.  Of all the stoner star signs, possibly you know best that manifestation only occurs with action.  December will be a comfortable period as universal influence coincides with your stoner directives.

Those words may seem sweet like the sticky icky, but a lot can pass by with a cosmic wind at your back.

Stoner Virgo your ability to focus on task mastery is truly stupendous.  This month your stoner trait will turn into a super power.  However, this very blessing will be the cause of concern in the first Winter month.

I do not have a cannabis strain recommendation this month.  Any species of the sacred herb will do the job.  It’s the bowl burning action that is required.  Use your cannabis copilot as a self induced speed bump on your terrestrial path.  Toke time throughout the month to slow time down, and make sure you don’t miss important scenery racing by.

My passionate Virgin, as you transit through space time this month, many passionate adventures will come to light.  Perhaps new studious endeavors will break free from complex conundrums.  New understandings will snowball into even more energy and effort.

Once again, use the sacred herb to slow down time, and check yourself stoner Virgo.  You are not the master of the universe.  But you can certainly be the master of your own sphere.

Many have come before.  Many will come after.  Many surround you now.  Use your cannabis copilot to find your chill, and maintain perspective.  The broader smoke circle, and your cannabis companions will appreciate your restraint.

What a way to finish the year stoner Virgo.  Have fun being you, but don’t be you too much for the sake of your fellow tokin’ terrestrial astronauts.

Aquarius Stoner Horoscope December

Stoner Aquarius, like many of your four-twenty friendly peers, you may look back on the past eleven months wondering, ‘what just happened?!’ How is it that a year can seem so long, and also like it was January just three months ago?

With the final days of 2021 upon us, you may be torn between making the most of it by going out in a blaze of glory, or by smoking endless bowls from the comfort of your couch.

Stoner Aquarius, the best answer is a bit of both.

You don’t want to commit yourself to couchlock too early in the month, and miss out on the final endo-excursions of 2021. There will always be those partners-in-chronic with endless energy who are ready anytime to journey to a remote recreational smoke spot.

You don’t have to join every adventure. You can let your cannabis companions make the plans and when you want, simply pack some snacks, bring some green, and join them for the ride.

Remember, my indecisive Water-Pipe Bearer, you can reserve the right to pass on the grass if you’re not feeling particularly social that day.

Because you can’t always predict what the day will bring, or how energetic you will be feeling, you should stick consistently to hybrid strains this season. If you stray too far into Sativa dominant territory, you may over exert yourself with ambition, only to need more time spent on recovery.

Go too deep into the Indica heavy strains, and you may deplete your motivation.  Missing out on the fun, and finding yourself later saying: ‘I should have just gone!’

Stoner Aquarius, with new strains being created and hyped seemingly every other week, it can be hard to know which to pick. Now is not the time to play herbal roulette and end up smoking something that throws off your delicate groove. I say, stay with the sticky classic hybrids like Chemdog, OG Kush, or the tried and true, frosty White Widow.

Since you can’t be quite sure of what vibe the next moment will bring, you want to avoid the intensity of radical highs and lows.  This month, seek balance and just stick to the middle path.

Virgo Stoner Horoscope November

Stoner Virgo the clouds of Fall have fully set in.  Not just within the terrestrial climate, but within astrological realms as well.  Not doom and gloom, but more like a boring haze.

But there is a bright side within this dense and dull period.  The stoner Virgo is naturally built for this mundane drudgery.

What other sign is better equipped mentally and emotionally to march one foot in front of the other toward project completion?  That’s right my stoner Virgin … none!

November is a great month for a tolerance break.  Or perhaps stocking the stash jar with low THC and high CBD cannabis strains.  You have enough ambition and focus to make your way through the cloudy terrain.  A more moderate and conservative cannabis prescription in November will help avoid the pitfalls of an obscure landscape.

The danger to the final Fall month will be to get stuck in your own head within projects and dilemmas.  With an obscured landscape, the usually advantageous high perspective from cannabis contemplation could cause confusion.  With the CBD regiment of our sacred herb, it should help you stay firmly rooted on the ground.

Don’t lose sight of what is important stoner Virgo.  Task mastery is an amazing talent.  But use of this talent can become all-consuming.  Great meditative powers can come from medicated smoke sessions with low THC cannabis strains.  

Toke time to self with your great cannabis copilot during the month to break free from the constant march toward end goals.  Inhale the relaxing nature of the sacred herb.  Focus solo meditative smoke sessions on family and those cannabis companions you are most connected to.  In the end it is those connections that unlock the keys to progress, not your stellar strength to get shit done.

Stoner Virgo, you may not be one to stop and smell the roses.  But do try to stop and enjoy the flower.  These recuperative and appreciative breaks from the daily grind will feed your terrestrial roots, and give you increased strength to continue on.

Taurus Stoner Horoscope November

Stoner Taurus, preparations must be made to traverse through the month of November with success and progress at heart.  There will be a confluence of events this month.  Mars, Mercury, and the Sun will all be within the sign.  It even has a funky name:  Satellitium.

The triumvirate of celestial bodies will place a strong influence on the stoner Taurus.  Cosmic influence will be focused on the canna-fam and close cannabis companions.  

Burning tree with the family and hanging out with good buds, no big deal right?  Not so fast.  With this grand celestial event, the universe will be throwing some seeds and stems in the stoner Taurus’ bag of ganja goodness.

A major conflict will arise with planetary influence that will require preparation.  A large factor within the influence for November will require the stoner Taurus to be the foundation of support for their close smoke circle.  Empathetic listening, and patient understanding for those in need.

Yes, my hearty Bull.  I know you got this!  However, the universal stem thrown into the bag of swag this month will be a strong desire to debate, challenge, and argue.

So on one hand you will be required to patiently listen and give strong support to the canna-fam.  But on the other hand you will feel strong pangs to challenge your cannabis companions.

We’ve all picked seeds and stems out of bags of swag stoner Taurus.  This must be the work you put into the month of November.

Find your stoner chill my stout Bull.  Make sure to stock the stash jar with the Indica species of the sacred herb.  Use your opportunities with cannabis as a steadying guide in relation to others.  Find your medicated meditative center.  Be the strong stoner Bull that others can lean on, and share their own personal burdens.

When that nagging voice comes, the one that has a snarky point or some real facts for the misguided bud, you must squash the instinct to jump into the fray.  

Find your inner chill stoner Taurus.  Use the sacred herb to rise above your communicative instincts this month.  Make a mental note, and revisit your thoughts later.  Perhaps with a little chill, and the magic of the sacred herb, you will see your points and debate in the moment were not prescient and helpful.

We could all use a little chill stoner Taurus.  But this month you need it!

When the celestial bodies eventually move into new positions in our astrological sky, all the tongue biting and stoic healing will pass.  This exercise in discipline will be a great tool for progress in future periods.

Sagittarius Stoner Horoscope November

Stoner Sag you are a bold hunter and master strategist.  As such you know when it is time to embark on the terrestrial plane with mission goals, and when it is time to hold up and contemplate your universal instructions.  

The hunt is much more successful with proper planning.  The November time period will be spent planning and strategizing for future missions on the terrestrial plane.

The most wonderful quality of our sacred herb is the connection it creates between our inner voice and the universal cosmic flow.  Use your cannabis copilot this month to tap into that connection.

Again, this connection is not an immediate link created and used in the field, but instead one of deep contemplation from your stoner sanctuary.  Your cannabis prescription for November is open to your interpretation stoner Sagittarius.  Your connected planning smoke sessions can be tailored to your mood and mission in each particular moment.

Pack your stash jar with a variety of cannabis strains early in the month so that you may have the right tool for the right mood.  Have fun my steady Archer.  You are the master of your castle.  Create productive smoke sessions that utilize your strategic mastery.  Open the channels of the universal flow with your cannabis meditations.

Stoner Sag, this premonition may not be the exciting adventure you often seek, but the power of solitude and cannabis connected meditation will be wielded and harvested in future time periods.

There are two important celestial points of reference in November:  The New Moon of the 4th and the Full Moon of 19th.

The New Moon brings a celestial influence of service to others.  It’s possible solo smoke planning sessions around this time may draw in larger themes of ways you can integrate the broader smoke circle and cannabis companions into your master plan.

The Full Moon will mark an end to one cosmic cycle of influence, and the birth of a new one.  It’s possible you will be ready and anxious to finish this past cycle with eagerness; but anxiety and tension could swirl from the collision of these grand cycles.

History is sometimes the best evidence of future plans.  Do not shrink from the cannabis connection created during this time.  Acknowledgement and understanding from the past could propel and accentuate your plans for the future.  And you will soon discover the future period is much more in line with your instinctual stoner directives.

Pisces Stoner Horoscope November

Take a deep breath stoner Pisces.  Hold it.  Hold it.  And exhale.  Breathe easy my stoner Fish. There is no need to rush through November. This autumn is all about kicking back and lighting up.  So go ahead, pack another bowl and allow yourself to really slow your roll. 

Of course you should continue finishing up the current tasks on your to-do list, but now is not the time to make big commitments or take on new projects. You’ve been moving at breakneck speed all year; so you should take full advantage of this more mellow pace to rest and relax as you groove through the final weeks of 2021.

Stoner Pisces, you might feel strange at first.  It can be awkward floating peacefully along the gentle cosmic currents, instead of rushing through rough rapids towards your final destination. Of course it’s good to keep your final destination in mind, but don’t forget to appreciate all of the little things along the way!  As you swim through the slow and steady streams this season with the sacred herb, be sure to puff and puff, but don’t let all the budding beauty pass you by.

Unfortunately, not all areas of life will be smooth sailing. When it comes to matters of the home, you will need to keep the peace pipe packed and close at hand. You, and many in the canna-fam are likely to need the calming cannabis influence early and often throughout the month. Don’t worry stoner Pisces, I’m not talking about relationship ending arguments or blazing battles, but the temperature and tensions in the home environment is likely to get a little high.

Be forewarned:  Clouded minds can cause miscommunications and confusion between even the closest of cannabis companions. A few stress leaving tokes from the peace pipe can help loosen underlying tensions, and alleviate prevailing agitations. 

Use the sacred herb as a catalyst for conversation; a way to calm the spirits and mellow the mind. Let the healing vapors expand your minds and elevate your perspectives. You shouldn’t expect the sacred herb to be the remedy for ALL interpersonal ailments.  In addition to tokin’, it will take plenty of talkin’ to resolve everyone’s grievances. 

It may take a couple revolutions around the smoke circle to get everyone vibrating on the same wavelength my sweet stoner Pisces, but trust that when it comes to familial relations it’s always better to burn blunts than it is to burn bridges.

Libra Stoner Horoscope November

Stoner Libra, there’s no need to wait for the New Year to start working on the New You! Other signs have already resigned themselves to a slow roll through Winter:  Stuck on the couch, performing the same predictable actions every day – eat, smoke, sleep, repeat. 

Not you stoner Libra! This month you will be busy ripping up the weeds, preparing the groundwork, and planting the seeds for all that you wish to manifest in 2022. And while you might feel a little envious when you see some of your partners-in-chronic lighting up and lounging about, you can breathe easy knowing it will all be worth it.

Right now is the season to stay focused on growing your greens stoner Libra; both kind, the spendable and the smokeable. Use this period of positive monetary momentum to pay down debts and stock up your stash jars. And if your bank account is already in the positive, and you find yourself with surplus funds after your bills are paid, put the extra into your savings or rainy day fund.  And since this month is all about preparing for the future, maybe it’s high time for a crypto investment.

But, amidst this busy season of endless productive energy and big goals, don’t forget that maintaining equilibrium is your most basic guiding principle. So pay attention to when your mental and emotional batteries are feeling low.  You need to take a medicated meditative break with the sacred herb to recharge your cosmic spacesuit.

Stoner Libra, in order to stay grinding, you need to stay grounded. If at any time you are feeling like you are working too much, don’t be afraid to mix in a little play. You are more than a cog in the machine.  Sometimes it takes fully unplugging to remind ourselves of this truth.  Our cannabis copilot is always there to connect us to the bigger picture.

There’s a great big planet out there stoner Libra. Get back to your roots with a pre-roll and a nature walk. And if the weather won’t allow it, pack a fresh bowl, grab your favorite munchies, spark one up, and stream the latest nature show online.

After all, you don’t always have to travel far to explore the wider world around you. Sometimes your adventure through the cosmos starts with the click of a button, and the click of a lighter!

Leo Stoner Horoscope November

My kind, loving, loud-smoking Leo, you are the leader of the stoner Zodiac pride. Equally confident, and chronic loving; ready to light up, and light the way whenever your cannabis companions need guidance. But, this month, you will likely find that you are the one who needs someone to lean on. And just like when you find a few stems and seeds in your fresh bag of the good green, you may have to remind yourself: It’s okay to let go.

Stoner Leo, maybe you’ve been having a bad week. A bad month?  Those in your closest smoke circle may not have noticed the rough days that you’ve been pushing through. You do your best to project that all is well in your ganja jungle. But, if you expect others to think that everything is truly, ‘all good,’  you have to believe it yourself first.

My capable Lion, don’t ignore the underlying uncertainties you have been feeling about yourself. Ignoring the weeds in our spiritual gardens doesn’t make them go away; it just gives opportunity for them to pop up in other areas. 

Don’t waste precious energy and resources watering withered crops. Instead, get your hands a bit dirty, and tend to the parts of yourself that need to be nurtured.

It is fair to say that being open and honest about your insecurities does not come natural to you stoner Leo. So you may need to toke alone during your earliest smoke sessions this month. Load a bowl of the sacred herb, light up, and let the endocannabinoids open your third-eye sight to help you look deep within.

Remember stoner Leo, the peace pipe isn’t only used for finding common ground between disgruntled cannabis companions. Sometimes it is needed to find our own inner peace and expand perspective. 

As you traverse this particularly cloudy portion of your cosmic journey, take note of those around you. While the sacred herb might be your sole companion during the first part of the month, you will soon learn who you can truly call your partners-in-chronic. 

Keep an eye out for those fair-weather friends who are quick to disappear as soon as the stash gets low. And remember those who are there when the smoke clouds clear. The cannabis companions who are still there at the end of a rough day, the ones who are there to load a bowl and just listen, these are the canna-fam ready to blaze into the future.

Gemini Stoner Horoscope November

Stoner Gemini …. Ready!  Set!  Go!  November promises to be a bustling period of frenetic energy and diligent work.  Time, effort, and labor will all blur together like no other period felt in the recent past or near future.

Let’s go stoner Gemini!  Put on your hard hat, grab your favorite piece, and embrace the grind.  

Fill your stash jar early in the month with pure Sativa and or Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strains.  There will be special exceptions, but the light energetic tones of the Sativa species of the sacred herb will assist with the enthusiastic commitment required in the final Fall month.  

Think of your cannabis prescription as matching bowls with the celestial influence.  Your cannabis copilot might be the sacred connection required to withstand and benefit from the intense cosmic winds pushing you forward.

Now the exception my curious Twin.  In a perfect world you will be feeling yourself and the frenetic energy of the universe.  Knocking down tasks, and leaping over obstacles in a single bound.  But all this hard labor comes at a cost to your cosmic spacesuit.

Tuck away some Indica species of the sacred herb for special rest and recuperative smoke sessions during the month.  Be forewarned:  These smoke sessions may not seem possible or needed as you exert your magical hard working powers on the terrestrial plane.  You will need to toke time for self.  It will be up to you to set aside time for these recuperative smoke sessions.

The Moon phases 4th, 11th, 19th, and 27th offer great windows of time to slow down and meditate with a sacred bowl of Indica.  There will be no depth of thought required during these smoke sessions.  Just focus on rest and recuperation to recharge and repair your cosmic spacesuit for the next push forward toward progress.

I know stoner Gemini:  Intense right?  You got this.  Embrace the exhilaration of the constant grind.  Toke time for medicated meditative moments to repair mentally and physically.  Everything will work out with great progress at heart.

Capricorn Stoner Horoscope November

Stoner Capricorn you are in the middle of a confluence of celestial events this November.  The word of the month is satellitium:  A group of several planets in a sign.  The Sun, Mars, and Mercury will all be visiting the Capricorn sign this month.

This triumvirate of celestial bodies will bring with them a deep connection to your fellow terrestrial astronauts.  Community, fellowship, and family will be the focus of the final Fall month.

Toke time early in the month to make sure your stoner tool kit is up-to-date with shareable instruments of cannabis consumption.

I do not have a particular cannabis prescription for November my Sea-Goat.  No matter the species or strain of our sacred herb, seek the connecting magic through shared experiences with the canna-fam and cannabis companions alike.

Through the celestial influence, and the connected nature of the sacred herb, November promises to be a period of emotional bonding.  

All of this communal fellowship with your fellow tokin’ terrestrial astronauts will flow naturally into the cosmic influence in the final decade of November.  After the Full Moon of the 19th, we will all transition into a new celestial cycle.

This cycle will bring with it depth of understanding within your own personal mission here on Earth.  The cannabis connected bonding during the month will draw out experience, healing, and perception from your canna-fam.

This month is a great time to be a stoner Capricorn!  Remember to be flexible with your methods of cannabis consumption, and caring within your smoke circle.  

Perhaps an at-home baking session with the canna-crew, trying the latest technique in herbal infusion, will draw out your unique bonding experience.  

With the kind healing influence of celestial bodies, and the connected magic of the sacred herb, November will build a foundation for progress moving into future periods.

Cancer Stoner Horoscope November

Stoner Cancer, you are accustomed to processing the intense emotions that arise as you navigate the unstable streams of the cosmos during the times of tumultuous tides. But, there are many of your fellow tokin’ terrestrial astronauts who may easily become overwhelmed when the waters get too rough. 

It’s been quite a wild ride so far this year, and you might be eager to say goodbye to 2021; but be cautioned my chronic-loving Crab:  There are still a few more weeks of chaotic currents ahead, before you get to spark up that final bowl of the year. 

In the meantime, you will serve as a beacon of light to the weary canna-fam as they traverse the uncertain times ahead. Stoner Cancer, you are uniquely positioned to help your cannabis companions stay afloat amongst swelling waves; to offer a place of refuge from the cosmic winds; to be the safe, calm eye within the swirling storm. 

You can’t always control the chaos stoner Cancer, but during this season, you can breathe easy at the thought that you will at least have control over the happenings in your home. YOU get to curate the atmosphere and setting where good vibes and kind buds abound. 

You don’t have to welcome everyone into your smoke circle stoner Cancer.  However, open up your stoney sanctuary to those most in need.  Be welcoming to the worn down terrestrial travelers who need to rest, recreate, and recharge their cosmic spacesuit.  A shared bowl can mean so much in turbulent times.

However, it is important to set boundaries, and to know your limits.  If your stash jar is being drained faster than usual, be on the lookout for the stoner mooch who is always down to pack a bowl, but never seems to contribute to the communal supply. Sharing is caring my sweet stoner Crab, but make sure that the giving goes both ways.  In the end, the motive is love and empathy; but be protected from unappreciated cannabis consumption.

Stoner Cancer, it’s not that you are one who seeks out chaos. But, where others see a challenging obstacle, you see an opportunity to overcome. You are the one who, with or without herbal inspiration, always looks to achieve a higher perspective. 

This November you will have the opportunity to answer your truest calling.  Fulfill the role of Ganja Guru. Light up and rise up, your fellow cannabis companions will need your optimistic outlook!

Aries Stoner Horoscope November

Stoner Aries, did you take advantage of the slow and balanced flow last month.  Did you break away from the stereotype of being a fierce, fast-moving fire sign; and instead float along the mellow moving cosmic waters?

I hope so, my red-eyed Ram. Because if last month was marked by balance and moderation, and filled with peaceful smoke sessions and high spirits, the days ahead will be spent navigating your way through more powerful, uncertain cosmic currents.

Stoner Aries, while you might be feeling like you are back to your usual confident, ready-to-conquer self, now is not the time to let your inhibitions chart the course of your terrestrial travels. 

Steer clear of heady Sativas during this time; even if they are your go-to cannabis strains.  Of course they can be helpful in inspiring creativity and motivating you into action, but too much cerebral stimulation might increase unwanted impulsivity. 

Instead, stick to the smooth and soothing effects of calming Indica strains. Think healing, not heady stoner Aries. You want something to help maintain your cosmic spacesuit, and protect it against heavy cosmic winds.  Something that will help you stay stoney, but also keep you grounded and centered between the highs and lows November is sure to bring.

Stoner Aries, avoid serious conversations or confronting partners-in-chronic this season.  You and fellow tokin’ terrestrial astronauts will feel their emotions more intensely during this time. Of course, you can always try the peace pipe to help ease tensions, but be sure to let the smoke clear before airing your grievances.

The best approach to maintaining good relationships may be to do nothing at all. Instead of forcing uncomfortable conversations, try giving each other space to medicate and meditate on their own. Time away from the smoke circle, and social settings, will allow feuding friends the opportunity to be alone with their own thoughts.

Embrace the quiet time and the sacred sensemilla. Look within yourself stoner Aries. Inhale the perspective expanding vapors of the sacred herb, and explore your own hidden depths. After you have meditated and reflected on your own feelings, you may be ready to express what’s bothering you with calm compassion, and empathy.

Or, you might come to realize that when it comes to working through growing pains with our cannabis companions, the simplest solution is to smoke about it, and forget about it. Instead of holding onto those bad vibes, sometimes we just have to light up and let go.

Aquarius Stoner Horoscope November

Stoner Aquarius, when given the choice between smoking the roaches, or a fresh bowl, who wouldn’t choose to go with the good green?  Make sure you apply the same logic when deciding your schedule as you head into the final stretch of 2021. You want to be able to start the New Year working on new endeavors, not wasting time hurrying to finish yesterday’s to-do list.

Throughout the month, pay close attention to your cosmic spacesuit stoner Aquarius. In order to make sure the future you is energized and ready to grind, you have to make sure you are taking care of what your mind and body needs in the present. 

The best prescription for finishing up the year on a high note, is to make sure your herbal medicine cabinet includes a variety of strains:  Indica, Sativa and Hybrids. The sacred herb is as diverse in it’s forms as the effects it can induce.

There is a strain for every occasion, but remember that not every strain will be right for every occasion.

My diligent Water-Bearer, when it is time to get things done, select the uplifting and inspiring Sativa cannabis species. Stick to classics like Super Silver Haze when you know that you have a full and fast paced day ahead. Sour Diesel is good for those moments when you want to let your mind get lost in the clouds of imagination, but don’t necessarily want to become too hazy, in case your daydreaming gets interrupted with pertinent business.

Stoner Aquarius when it’s time to relax and recharge your cosmic spacesuit, Indica is the best way to go. Fall back and fire up anything Kush:  Whether it’s the ancient Afghan Kush or that true original, OG Kush.  If you want something classic, yet modern, there’s always the LA Confidential cannabis strain.

Be forewarned stoner Aquarius:  Only toke-up the most relaxing version of the sacred herb when you have plenty of time on your hands. Otherwise you may find yourself having to clear your calendar when you find yourself more chill than you expected.

But, if you find that this month requires a more middle-of-the-road approach, you should definitely have plenty of cannabis hybrids on hand. Even when we plan out every moment, our cosmic adventure can be filled with roadblocks and detours, pleasing highs and unwanted lows. Those well balanced buds, that can be both healing and heady, are always a safe choice when you’re not sure what may lie ahead.

Virgo Stoner Horoscope October

Stoner Virgo, hi-ho hi-ho, it’s off to work we go.  Is that the mantra that keeps you safe, happy, and pushing progress?  In October there will be an opportunity to squeeze more out of life than tangible project manifestation.

With the season of Libra, celestial influence brings balance and opportunity for the stoner Virgin.

Sure sure, I know stoner Virgo, your projects and in-depth dives into passionate endeavors feeds your soul.  So you might say.  In the second Fall month there will be a intangible opportunity to connect your outer terrestrial experience with your inner voice, and heart.

It is time this month to put “me time” down on your to-do list.  Toke time early in the month for a solo medicated meditative smoke session to contemplate what is missing from your terrestrial existence.  Use the sacred herb to connect your head with your soul.

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Focus your cannabis meditation on intangible aspects of life, not the tangible tasks of the terrestrial world.

This will mean different things to different Virgos.  Perhaps you’ve neglected your passion for hiking for far too long as you battle the daily grind within the economic system.  Perhaps this month you will be able to nap without internal or external judgement from yourself.  Perhaps this exercise in self fulfillment will entail sharing a joint, and a quiet evening, with a member of your personal cann-fam.

Use the sacred herb as your guide to explore your heart and your soul in ways you have neglected.  We all lose sight of our internal drives from time to time.

Use your cannabis copilot as a navigational guide to reconnect with yourself.

Internal care and self love will come at a great time this month my lovely Virgin.  Be sure to toke time with the sacred herb, and yourself, before the end of the first decade of October.  Because this wonderful period of healing and internal satisfaction will blend perfectly with the remaining time in the month.

After the first decade, October will consist of big bong rips with the ganja gang, and chatty joint sessions with the canna-crew.  You may not always find success within the canna-crowd.  But after a serious smoke-out focused on self love and internal repair, you will feel like a new you; ready to chop-it-up with the smoke circle, and move forward on the terrestrial plane with rebalanced targets and goals.

Taurus Stoner Horoscope October

Stoner Taurus very few members of the stoner Zodiac enjoy some “me time” more than you.  Celestial influence in the second Fall month brings support for internal contemplation.  But instead of vanity, the cosmic winds will bring a more progressive and constructive internal attention.

October presents an opportunity to recognize your stellar stoner traits, and to solidify confidence in yourself moving forward.  Use the sacred herb to assist your third eye as you gaze within.  You may use the best of your skills within your terrestrial travels only after you recognize what they are.  Recognize these skills through cannabis connections.  

This meditative exercise with your cannabis copilot will not be achieved with one deep solo meditative smoke session this month; instead toke time throughout October when you consume cannabis to contemplate self appreciation.  Self love.

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In times of chaos and terrestrial complexity, it is your innate internal drives that will keep you safe and secure no matter the strength of the storm.  This is one of your strengths isn’t it stoner Taurus?  Not to recognize how you got here, but to understand you have the skills to do it all again.

The result will not necessarily bring more confidence to your travels in October, but solidify your confident strut moving well into future time periods.

Maintain the consistent light toking sessions throughout the month stoner Taurus.  In the final decade of October, celestial bodies may shift.  The appreciative confidence in self that was solidified early in the month will empower you through changing times.

Avoid deep medicated smoke sessions that could result in couch lock, or becoming trapped inside your own head.  As the universal winds of influence change, insecurities may develop.

But that’s why you toked time to appreciate with the sacred herb.  Don’t forget those moments stoner Taurus.  You are loved.  You are capable.

Pisces Stoner Horoscope October

My dear stoner Pisces, it is not by accident that you are considered the most kind and caring amongst the stoner Zodiac. It is your ability and willingness to take the time to listen unconditionally to your fellow tokin terrestrial astronauts.  And really get to know them, which earns you the title of ‘the sensitive one’.

Some might see this as a negative designation, but you are proof that being in touch, and in tune with your emotions can be a strength.  Not a weakness.  Some call you sensitive like it’s a bad thing. But, it is precisely because of your emotional literacy that you are better positioned to regroup, and rise above when calm cosmic currents turn into choppy swells.

Don’t let yourself be worn down by the repetition of the daily grind stoner Pisces. Stick to a healthy regiment of reflection and meditation with the expansive vapors of the sacred herb. 

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Toke time to light up and look inside stoner Pisces. Then, look ahead. 

With a newfound focus and the clarity of a ten-thousand foot vantage point, you will be able to see past perceived obstacles to the destination that lies ahead.  And with the assistance of your cannabis copilot, the path you will need to take to get there will illuminate within the burning bowl of manifestation.

Stoner Pisces, even though you may feel prepared for the increase of intense emotions this month, you should still keep your sacred medicinal stash jar well stocked. Because of the persistent flux that October promises to bring, you should seek out hybrid strains. These balanced buds will help you stick to the middle of the path.  Your hybrid  canna-guide will help you avoid being pulled back and forth between soaring highs and crashing lows. 

While self-reflection is crucial for growth, you should be mindful to not be overly critical of yourself during this season. Failure isn’t a flaw stoner Pisces; it is these hard-learned lessons that help you reach future milestones. 

It’s good to have goals, but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get it right the first time. In other words, don’t take yourself too seriously. Setbacks are sure to happen, and sometimes roadblocks will cause you to take a detour. But, don’t fret my slippery Fish!   Sometimes your cosmic chronicles will lead you over open roads, and other times you will take a few wrong turns. Just stay calm, load the bong, and enjoy the journey.  And when detours do occur, breathe easy and remind yourself this:  Sometimes being forced to take the scenic route isn’t such a bad thing.

Scorpio Stoner Horoscope October

Stoner Scorpio we are entering into a month of re-balancing.  This October exercise in stability will pull your guarded emotional fringes back to center.  No more leaning on emotional crutches my fierce Scorpion!  By the end of the second Fall month you will be standing firmly on two feet, square, balanced, and confident.

Lean into the cosmic winds of stability with balanced cannabis hybrid strains.  All things we meditate internally will be manifested externally.  Use the magical manifesting powers of the sacred herb to target your meditative smoke sessions on calm and contentment.

Slow your roll stoner Scorpio, and toke time to settle terrestrial anxieties.

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Intensity may not be a word you use to describe yourself, but this may be the exact word used by people who cross you on the wrong side of the path.

One of the amazing powers of our cannabis copilot is the window it provides into ourselves.  As you focus on balance in October, you may see the intensity you wield on the terrestrial plane.  The sacred herb may show you the results of friendly fire from your powerful stinger.

Understanding your power is an important step in the process of internal re-balancing.

By the night of the Full Moon of the 20th, this exercise in stability will begin to bear fruit.  Maintain your prescription of balanced hybrid cannabis strains; but now your third eye internal gaze will turn from critical and analytical to appreciation.

Use the sacred herb as a catalyst of love.  Toke time for a solo medicated meditative smoke session near the Full Moon.  The exercise in re-balancing will open up a new window into yourself.  

Use the sacred herb to connect with yourself.  Allow positive thoughts, appreciation, and love to wash over your spirit.

By the end of the month the outward terrestrial benefit from this cosmic re-balancing will be plain to see.  As you appreciate and love yourself, so will the canna-fam and broader smoke circle.

Sagittarius Stoner Horoscope October

Stoner Sagittarius do you feel that bounce in your step?  That positive vibration in your bow tension?  You are feeling an extra tingle in the air for good reason.  The universe will be vibrating in tune with your celestial mission in October.

Toke time for cannabis in consistent light smoke sessions this month.  There is a true blessing in the universal vibration in October.  Your cannabis copilot will act as a tuning fork within the cosmic journey.

So much of your time and mental capacity is spent on the move stoner Sagittarius.  Always on mission with acquiring new targets for your terrestrial adventure.  But this constant movement of action is often the source of stumbling blocks along your progressive path.

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There are great blessings of patience and understanding within the universal vibration this month.  The stoner Archer will be greatly assisted in slowing down, and contemplating the right missions to initiate.

Match the cosmic combustion with balanced hybrid cannabis strains.  With consistent light tokes of the balanced sacred herb, your third eye sight will become intune with the positively patient universal vibration.

Along with patience, the universe will be sending waves of passionate support in second Fall month.  But this cosmic support comes with a word of warning my stealthy Archer:  Passion must come from within before it can be used as a guide on the terrestrial plane.

Before the end of the first October decade, toke time with the sacred herb through a solo medicated meditative smoke session.  Focus on your internal desire for self improvement.  Find passion with yourself before you unleash your powerful senses on the world.

You don’t need a guide stoner Sagittarius, but an advanced scout doesn’t hurt.  With the powerfully positive cosmic vibes, and an assist from your cannabis copilot, navigating the second Fall month should be a successful mission.

A mission filled with great conquests, and new discoveries.  I’ll smoke to that!

Libra Stoner Horoscope October

Ah stoner Libra, you are the stoner star sign filled with a balanced mission on the terrestrial plane.  But so often this justice-seeking eye is turned outwardly as you strive to bring balance to others.  In October, cosmic winds may knock you out of your comfort zone.  Instead of bringing justice and balance to your smoke circle, the month will be filled with internal analysis as your third eye gaze is turned inward.

Breathe deep stoner Libra.  Inhale the perspective expanding nature of the sacred herb.  Don’t try to withstand the brisk cosmic wind, embrace it!

Stock the stash jars with a deep Indica cannabis strain, and an Indica dominant hybrid strain.  The settled and contemplative nature of this species of the sacred herb will allow you to sink deep within yourself.  It will assist you in shining a light on the internal areas that might need work, care, or sympathy.

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Toke time with the sacred herb for a solo medicated meditative smoke session.  Reconnect your head with your soul.  Apply the empathy you use to help others upon yourself.

Don’t be late stoner Libra.  The most opportune time to re-balance your internal drives with this solo deep dive within yourself will be early in the month.  The New Moon falls on the 6th.  This Moon phase will provide the perfect period to explore the window into yourself.

This meditative practice in internal analysis, and maybe even judgement, will create an immediate impact in October.  After the Full Moon of the 20th, the smoke circle might be buzzing with bowls and energy.

Stay with the Indica hybrid during this time stoner Libra.  Other stoner star signs may be feeling the universe differently than you.  It is at this time you must stay connected to the cannabis inspired directives you manifested earlier in the month.

With the help of your cannabis copilot, and disciplined meditation, October should be a progressive month for you moving forward.  Stay connected to your internal work stoner Libra.  Insecurities, judgements, and frivolous dramas are all part of the human experience.  Once you are re-balanced, and your soul is settled, there is nothing that can knock you off course again.

Gemini Stoner Horoscope October

Stoner Gemini, for some in the stoner Zodiac autumn is a time to slow down, bundle up, and allow themselves a little more time being comfortably stoned on the couch. But, this month, the stoner Twin will not be caught lounging or wasting any of the limited hours of daylight the Fall season offers.

While many around you will be content slowing their role, tokin the easy route or blaming the weather for ignoring their to-do list, you will be steady on your grind; blazing hot trails through the cold, rainy days of the second Fall month.

For the stoner Gemini, this period can be a time of grand ideas and great accomplishment. Embrace the sacred sensemilla early and often this month; inhale the stimulating nature of cannabis, and elevate yourself to ever-higher levels of creativity.

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Do not be offended, or take it personally, if you initially face skepticism from your peers at work, or your canna-buddies. It’s not that they doubt your abilities or vision, stoner Gemini, but they know historically you can be sudden to switch your focus, and quick to find the next great passion project to pour your energy into.

Your best collaborators will be those cannabis comrades who can act as a counterbalance to your endless eagerness to start your next exciting endeavor; before you’ve completed the current undertaking.

Seek out the partners-in-chronic who are not looking to be entertained by lofty declarations; but instead, those who are genuinely intrigued by your bigger-picture vision. The ideal cannabis companion will be equally excited to put in the work needed to manifest your marijuana musings into tangible results; and only then, take a break to binge watch your favorite stoner comedy series, and pack bowl after frosty bowl.

Stoner Gemini, regardless of whether you are a part of team Indica, or stick strictly to Sativa dominant strains, consistency in your cannabis selection will be key to maintaining momentum and motivation this month. 

The Tokin’ Twin represents a duality, and this month it is up to you to decide whether to be the high-minded daydreamer, or the down-to-earth doer. One thing that is certain:  Indecisiveness will leave you looking back, wondering how you let all the infinite potential of the month go up in smoke.

Capricorn Stoner Horoscope October

My diligent stoner Capricorn, October promises to be a wonderful time period.  Even if cosmic support goes against your usual stoner directives, there will be opportunity for growth and progress.  With the connected nature of cannabis, it will be easy to float high out of your comfort zone. 

The studious stoner Capricorn is one of the hard working members of the stoner Zodiac.  The to-do list, and career contemplation, often creep into meditative smoke sessions.  You can’t help it, and that’s ok.  Interpersonal relationships, and the touchy-feely side of our terrestrial existence, is sometimes lost on you.  

This month universal support brings balance to the sturdy stoner Sea-Goat.  Warm cosmic winds could provide new feelings closer to the heart than the pocketbook.

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Early in the month, toke time to prepare for unexpected smoke sessions with the extended stoner fam.  Make sure your smoke kit, and stash jar, are ready to travel.  

You are a creature of habit stoner Capricorn.  Break free from the tried and true cannabis regiment.  Prepare for company during your smoke sessions in October.  Bring some variety to your cannabis offerings.  Not just new strains of the sacred herb, but ways to consume it also.

After the New Moon of the 6th, the stoner Capricorn might become the magnet of the smoke circle.  Old friends forgotten, and new members of the canna-crew, will pop into your terrestrial travels unexpectedly.

Toke time for your heart and your soul this month stoner Capricorn.  The to-do list will still be there when the combustion clouds lift.  There is much needed magic in sharing a joint with an old friend.  There is invigorating energy in discovering that new bud-loving buddy you didn’t know worked next door.  

Inhale the calming nature of the sacred herb.  These chance encounters won’t take away from the daily grind.  Your diligence within the daily grind makes these moments possible, and all-the-more worthwhile.

Cancer Stoner Horoscope October

Stoner Cancer, you are often characterized by the unpredictability of your emotions; consistently pulled back and forth between elevated highs and seemingly unavoidable lows. But this October, you can expect to experience a period of true and welcomed peace. 

It will take investment and effort on your part, but you can reach the middle of the path on which you wish to travel. This path of peace you wish to achieve will not be easily gained, but once discovered, it will be much easier to hold onto.

Be mindful my stoney Crab, that the peaceful path you desire may come at a cost. You love tokin’ with your fellow cannabis companions, but oftentimes you can’t help but absorb the emanations of those nearest to you. 

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Because of your highly honed emotional frequencies, and in order to achieve your own sense of Zen, this month may be filled with more solo smoke sessions than you are used to.  Terrestrial travels in October may be resigned to stay-cations or getaways where the only ones invited are you, your favorite piece, and the newest strain of the sweet sensimilla.

The focus on your own wellbeing will not always come naturally.  Be patient stoner Cancer. Know that it will take multiple smoke sessions of mindful meditation with the sacred herb in order to manifest your ultimate goal:  Peace.

You don’t have to be a complete hermit my stoner Crab, but for now you will benefit from a little time away from your usual smoke circle. Don’t worry, your cannabis companions will be there waiting for you when you get back. Afterall, what good is your new found serenity if you don’t have anyone to share it with?

Time away from the canna-crew will help you see and sense the difference between what are truly YOUR feelings, and the negative vibrations emanating from those around you.

There is no secret or special equation to this, just pay attention. If you find yourself feeling down, drained or anxious, look back to who you were around when you felt those emotions. Identifying the common denominator will make it easier to avoid, or lessen, the time you spend with the people who are the source of those unwanted emotions. 

Some of these separations will be temporary stoner Cancer. But others, you may find, are best left to find a new canna-fam to roll with. Either way, you will get a whiff of what the peaceful path smells like, and will most certainly want to reup again next month.

Aries Stoner Horoscope October

Stoner Aries the October time period will be enlightening, frustrating, and fantastic all in one balanced ball of celestial perfection.

The season of Libra will bring with it something you are not accustomed to:  Balance.  This statement may seem silly at first.  But you are the energetic Ram, always on the front hoof moving forward, guided by exuberance and the emotional trigger of the day.

I love who you are stoner Aries, and you love who you are.  The universal influence this month won’t challenge your internal drives.  Think of the cosmic wind as a cool breeze at your back, pushing you toward a more patient and centered existence.

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Chill with the Sativa dominant diet of sacred herb this month.  Match bowls with the universe, and stock the stash jar with a balanced cannabis hybrid strain.  Maybe two!

Let your softer side out this month stoner Aries.  With the calming nature of the cosmic breeze, and your ability to slow time down to better understand the terrestrial world around you, an opportunity will develop within the broader smoke circle.  Opportunity to see things in a new light.  Opportunity for others to see a new layer of the rambunctious Ram.

Deep dives with the sacred herb are not required this month to gain a progressive perspective.  We are in the season of balance, so moderate consistent tokes of the marijuana smoke will suffice.  

Allow your cannabis copilot to assist you in embracing the chill of this cosmic phase.  For the most fortunate stoner Aries, a new spirit of understanding may develop from this break from chaos.

By the end of the month celestial bodies will transition, and the fiery Ram will be back leaping large obstacles in a single bound.  More importantly your spirit may feel refreshed.  Your fellow tokin’ terrestrial astronauts in the smoke circle of life will see the growth in your nature.  In the end you may forget about the contemplative chill days of October, as you embark on endo-excursions with new bud-loving buddies.

Aquarius Stoner Horoscope October

It’s October stoner Aquarius!  The first full month of Fall.  The days are growing shorter while the trees are shedding their leaves in anticipation of the frosty winter blanket they will soon be wearing. As you look around you will notice most others in your orbit are stocking up their stash jars, pulling out their warmer wardrobe, and generally preparing to be holed up in their smokey sanctuaries until the Sun returns.

But not you stoner Aquarius. You might switch out your rope sandals for cozy mukluks, trade your bathing suit for the warmth of your comfy hoodie, and make sure that your own stash is both frosty and FULL; but you have no plans of letting a little cold or cloudy weather slow your roll this month!

While your more complacent cannabis cohorts may be content spending hours on the couch binging shows, you will be busy making moves and manifesting the change you want to see.

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Remember this on your stellar journey:  Sometimes it is the changes you can’t see which will be the most significant. 

You play the role of the mindful marijuana mediator, and cannabis confidant to the smoke circle. You are there for the canna-fam.  Whether they just need someone to share a bowl with, or a sounding board of empathy, your well-balanced wisdom is appreciated.

But, this month stoner Aquarius, before you start in on your selfless service of others, you have to ask yourself a most quintessential question:  What do YOU need? 

This season, it is your turn under the magnifying glass. Not only in a critical light, but with a contemplative gaze, and constructive intent. You are always ready with sage advice for others, but identifying and working through your own emotions can feel like a foreign concept. 

This month you must toke time for self.  Maybe you are contemplating a substantial switch up; like changing your occupation or career path. It could be as simple as diversifying your smoking credentials by switching from Indica to Sativa strains. Or, something somewhere in between; like telling your cannabis companion that you just need a little more space.

Toke time for solo smoke sessions to calm and clear your mind.  Just you, the sacred herb, and your favorite pipe.

My well-meaning Water Bearer, by no means should you skip out on social smoke circles, or actively avoid helping your cannabis companions grow and rise above.  Just make sure you are putting in the care required to make your own garden flourish and thrive.

Libra Stoner Horoscope August

Get ready for fun in the sun stoner Libra.  Positive solar rays will be beaming expansive influence in August.  Perhaps this is the pay-off from months of hard work.  Perhaps it’s just dumb luck, or destiny.  Thankfully this cosmic wind of universal support won’t come with many requirements or traps.  Simple PMA, a positive mental attitude, will be the key to a successfully happy month.

Universal influence in the final Summer month will support smoke circle expansion and endo-excursions with the canna-fam.  Make sure your toker’s travel kit is packed and loaded!  Be sure to include a few varying cannabis strains so you have the right tool for the right moment.  And of course, “don’t forget to bring a towel.”

Are you familiar with the Law of Attraction stoner Libra?  Basically, anything you can imagine will manifest in this terrestrial world.  Toke time for medicated meditative smoke sessions with the sacred herb.  Dare to dream what it is you truly want in the final Summer month.  

This is a magical time for you stoner Libra.  Anything is possible.  But, be sure to inhale the positive nature of the sacred herb.  Emanated negativity could manifest poor outcomes.  Puff puff pass positivity stoner Libra.  

Part of what makes August so magical for the stoner Libra is the hard work that you have put into personal progress this year.  I am sure you have rolled your eyes at the many prompts to use the sacred herb to look deeper inside.  But all those exercises in self reflection will start to pay off stoner Libra.  

Before you exit August, be sure to look back, and take note with the marijuana smoke, at the how and why you received so many blessings this month.  You might find the power was always within you stoner Libra, not universal influence.

Leo Stoner Horoscope August

Stoner Leo let’s get lit in August!  Universal influence will be beaming with sunny rays that accentuate the traits of the stoner Lion.  As long as you mind your self reflection, expansive progress and smokin good times are assured in the final Summer month.

The leader of the stoner Zodiac must be confident and certain.  However, the confident stoner Lion can come off as arrogant in their certainty. They can seem conceited in application of their knowledge.  

Toke time with your sacred cannabis copilot throughout August. The cannabis strain does not matter this month.  The depth of your medicated meditations does not matter this month.  What matters most is the honesty and visibility you place within yourself.  Bob Marley once said famously, “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”  

As you travel through the August time period, fun loving conversations, interesting inquiry, and intelligent debate will be essential to the progress of the month.  But, honest self reflection will be key to harmony within the smoke circle.

Stoner Leo, it’s your birthday, let’s party!  This will truly be a blessed period for the rambunctious Lion.  Passing joints and matching bowls won’t be a problem at the smoke circle this month.  

As your sign transits through your neighbor Virgo’s influence, you might pick up some helpful budgeting tips, and conservative money traits.  Nobody regrets responsible partying in future time periods stoner Leo.  The universe and your cannabis copilot should help you avoid running up debt to fund exciting endo-excursions.

Holy cow stoner Leo!  How do you lead the stoner Zodiac all over this terrestrial plane?  It must be exhausting!

In August there will be waves of intelligent design sent your way.  These cosmic waves could boost your ability to lighten the load of the canna-crew through delegation.  You have been contemplating ways to ease your burden stoner Leo.  

Toke time to meditate throughout the month with our green goddess of inspiration.  Our friendly female sensimilla can help you manifest the creativity to develop new ways to lighten the load of leadership.

Careful though stoner Leo.  We spoke earlier about the ability to monitor one’s communication and hubris.  All of the blessings of August come with the need to monitor yourself in a mirror.  Puff the sacred herb, and remote view yourself with an empathetic eye.  

Your internal drives, buoyant bubbly nature, and the sunny influence from the cosmos, will all combine to create a month to remember.  But it’s the kindness and compassionate self critique embedded in the daily cannabis affirmations that will push your success into progress.

Push positivity stoner Leo.

Gemini Stoner Horoscope August

Are you ready stoner Gemini?  I know you are.  And the stoner Zodiac is waiting with anticipation.  August will be the time of the Twin, and the world will be a more exciting, and colorful place because of it.  

The universe will be shining a big bright light on you stoner Gemini.  Don’t get stage fright.  We all need you to perform.  Thankfully, this big bright beam will also come with a welcome, calming, creative influence to assist in your mission.  Stock the stash jar early in August with Sativa cannabis strains and Sativa dominant hybrids.  

On your quest for adventure in August on the terrestrial stage of life, the entire stoner Zodiac will look to the Twin for guidance and entertainment.  Avoid the couch lock, and potential heady paranoia of the Indica species in August.  Lean into your quest with bright, airy, energetic Sativas.  

Sounds like a lot of pressure right?  Don’t sweat it stoner Gemini.  Cosmic chaos will be replaced by an organized influence of destiny in August.  You always have a lot to say; now this time the entire smoke circle will listen.  

But wait, there’s more!  Perhaps this month is tailor made for the bifurcated stoner Twin.  Because one side will enjoy the attention, and the other side will find freedom in creativity.

The sacred Sativa prescription for August is perfect for this cosmic influence as well.  

Breathe stoner Gemini.  Inhale.  There are plenty of time periods where you may feel split, as the dual nature of your soul battles against each other.  This month, the Twin will be as one, working together in harmony.  

When I say ‘creative’, I mean it in a broad sense of the word.  It shouldn’t be applied strictly to artistic endeavors.  This month the trail of adventure is calling.  The bright beam of energetic influence and cosmic creativity will broaden the smoke circle, and manifest a choose-your-own-adventure situation with the canna-crew.  

Speak up stoner Gemini!  You know where the action is this month.  Bring as many canna-buddies along with you as you can.  

Make sure to keep a ‘go bag’ with you at all times:  Plenty of bud, a versatile travel piece to combust it with, and a light.  As you feel the creative flow in August, there is no telling where you might end up, and who you might be smoking with.  Stay hydrated yo!

Cancer Stoner Horoscope August

Stoner Cancer, you are known for being the most cautious and calculating of all the stoner Zodiac; usually you prefer to take the tried-and-true path over the road less traveled. But, this month the chronic-loving Crab will have the chance to get in touch with their more spontaneous side. 

This doesn’t mean you should let all of your inhibitions go up in smoke, but you can allow yourself license to listen when you hear adventure calling.

Go ahead stoner Cancer, indulge in eating that extra edible, spend a little more to get the new piece you REALLY want, or treat yourself to an ounce of your favorite top-shelf nugs.  You’ve earned it! 

And it doesn’t all have to be cannabis related, my methodical Crab. Now is the season to shake up the status quo. Dye your hair a far-out color, or try the new hairstyle you’ve been wanting, but weren’t sure you could pull off.  If you’re feeling that your wardrobe is worn out, now is the time to refresh your threads and let your outer style reflect your hidden inner spunk!

Stoner Cancer, keep in mind that transformation is just a possibility, not a requirement during this period. If you want to completely reimagine how you present yourself to your fellow tokin’ terrestrial astronauts, then light one up to spark your imagination and let the metamorphosis begin!

But, you can also embrace smaller, more subtle changes:  Like getting rid of bad habits that might be slowing you down at work, or starting a new workout routine and focusing more on your health.

Just remember that most things are best in moderation stoner Cancer. While there are a seemingly infinite number of new strains to sample, and endless endo-excursions to embark upon, it will be important for you to keep your calculating gaze on the other kind of green:  Your finances.

Stoner Cancer, this means you will have to meditate and reflect on the difference between what it is that you WANT, and what you actually NEED. Toke time to contemplate the cost benefit analysis.  Whether it’s shopping for your new style, or taking off with the canna-fam on one of your many Summer smoke sessions.  

You don’t want to burn through your savings, or your stash, before the sunny season is over.

Capricorn Stoner Horoscope August

What a wonderful time to be a stoner Capricorn!  The final Summer month will bring blessings of opportunity and understanding to the plotting Sea-Goat.

Stoner Capricorn, I understand that your primary modes are logic based, and it certainly has suited you well on our terrestrial plane.  But early in the month you will have the opportunity to dive deep into cosmic modes of thinking that you may have forced into the closet in

the past.  

The sacred herb has helped you touch on esoteric concepts of spirituality, but in August your cannabis copilot will be a wonderful guide to the magic of the universe outside your terrestrial logic.  Take the plunge into yourself early in the month with a deep Indica cannabis strain.  Find a secluded smoke spot for the medicated meditative smoke session.  

Allow the sacred herb to guide you on an adventure into yourself, and explore the magic of the cosmos contained within all of us.  For the brave Sea-Goat among you, perhaps an edible and a float tank would be the perfect combination for this exploratory mission.  

Stoner Capricorn, the final Summer month will be blessed with positive universal influence toward exploration on the terrestrial plane as well.  This broad positive cosmic guidance will come with ease:  No instructions required!  

Exploration does not necessarily mean travel, but it can.  The celestial influence will support all methods of discovery, from travel to education.  But it’s the new people you might meet along the way that will make this period last a lifetime.  

Keep the deep Indica cannabis strains for the beginning of the month to enhance your solo deep dive into contemplation within.  The remainder of the month needs to find balance within your cannabis consumption.  

Be sure to stock the stash box with airy Sativa cannabis strains, and even a high CBD strain like Harlequin.  The outward exploration of August will be diverse in the places you travel, and the people you meet.  

Your cannabis copilot may be the rocket fuel to the internal exploration in the beginning of the month, but it should be just along for the ride for the remainder of the month.  As with all of the great explorers in history, I am sure you will make your mark in August stoner Capricorn.  I can’t help but wonder what you’ll get up to.

Aries Stoner Horoscope August

Stoner Aries, you’ve been blazing hot and fast since the Summer season started.  So you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out if you decide to slow your roll, and coast into the cooler days of Fall. 

Of course, you don’t want to completely burn out, and spend the whole month in a perpetual state of couch-lock.  But know this my restful Ram:  It’s okay if your calendar isn’t filled to the fullest every minute of the day.

August should be a season of refreshing R&R:  roasting and relaxation. Stoner Aries, be sure to toke plenty of time to stop to smell, and smoke, the flowers. You won’t have to travel far to discover scenic smoke spots, and serenity can be found in your own backyard. 

Whether you set out by yourself for a solo stoney stroll in nearby nature, or venture out and about with a few cannabis companions.  You will see your familiar stomping grounds in a new light this month. 

There is inspiration to be found all around you stoner Aries.  You just have to remember to look.

Work will be equally peaceful and productive in the final Summer month. But this is one area of life you don’t want to turn on auto-pilot. As long as you keep your time for play and productivity separate, you will be able to quickly check off most tasks on your to-do list without breaking a sweat.

Stoner Aries, because you make it look so easy, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if some of your coworkers become suspicious of how much you are able to achieve. Let them waste time criticizing if that’s what they need to do.  You have projects to tackle, and work to get done.

Just be mindful that you don’t let your successes go to your head. Instead of responding to their jealousy, try to inspire them to push onward and upward, to reach the lifted frequency you are operating on this month.

Most of all stoner Aries, you should spend the last weeks of Summer tokin’ and talkin’ with the cannabis companions you care for the most. The universe has nothing but high times, and good vibes planned for you this August. As long as you surround yourself with good company, and the greenest ganja, you will make the summer of 2021 the highest, and happiest, it can be.

Aquarius Stoner Horoscope August

Stoner Aquarius, you have spent the first months of Summer doing what you do best:  Helping all of your closest cannabis companions to weather the cosmic storms, and maintaining cooler heads in the face of increased tension and turmoil. 

You don’t have to completely abandon your friends when they’re in need, but during the remaining Summer days of August, you should focus more on manifesting and maintaining your own peace.

The days of dropping what you’re working on to help your partners-in-chronic work through their issues are over. Light one up stoner Aquarius, and let go of the guilty feelings that you have to be the one who fixes everything. Once you have freed yourself from the self-inflicted sense of obligation to others, you will be able to lean wholeheartedly into your own passion projects.

Remember my burdened Water-Bearer, self-care isn’t selfish. There might be a brief adjustment period as you make your own well-being a higher priority, but with a little cannabis propelled perseverance you will find your ganja-guided-groove soon enough.

Without having to keep watch over all of your fellow tokin’ terrestrial astronauts, you will be able to turn your sights to the wider, wondrous world around you. Get up and get out there stoner Aquarius. 

Maybe you take an extra day off to escape to the beach for a roast on the coast.  Or, perhaps you’d prefer to keep it as local as the couch in your living room, and enjoy a marijuana and munchies fueled stoner movie marathon. It really doesn’t matter what you choose to do, as long as you toke a little time for yourself.

Don’t worry stoner Aquarius, not all of your smoke sessions have to be solo. All the energy and optimism you invest into your own well being is sure to attract the gaze of that special type of cannabis companion. 

Perhaps it’s your undeniably vibrant, groovy vibes emanating into the cosmos?  Or maybe it’s the sweet scent of those sticky buds you’re tokin’ on that will attract those hazy eyes your way? Stoner Aquarius, whether you are single or already have a partner, this month, you are certain to be packing more than just one bowl.