Libra Stoner Horoscope June

Libra Stoner Horoscope June

Stoner Libra:  Known by the other signs in the stoner Zodiac as the most balanced of all the bud-loving star tribe. The pursuer of top shelf nugs and the middle path. Forever striving to reach new heights, yet is somehow always able to keep a level head with their feet on the ground.

But, my balanced stoner Libra, is this desire to be at peace simply a part of your DNA, or is your drive to seek equilibrium because it’s what others have come to expect of you?

This month, you might spend many smokey nights contemplating meaning and motivations.  Perhaps the sacred herb will illuminate the pressure of meeting expectations.  But the question that matters most during this period is this:  How do you see yourself? 

This month stoner Libra, you need to fire up the ganja, focus on what you see when you look inside, and simply let everyone else’s opinion blow away with the smoke. 

Self-care is often the foundation to growth and greater self-understanding.  Consistent meditative smoke sessions throughout the first Summer month will be a must. Stoner Libra, sometimes you just need to break away from the daily grind to pack a bowl for one.  Just you, a fresh bowl of your favorite cannabis strain, and a quiet place to enjoy your smoke in silence.

At first you might feel like you’re shirking your relationship responsibilities, or avoiding your partners-in-chronic. But you don’t have to skip social smoke sessions altogether, or pass up every ganja-filled gathering. 

After-all, the goal this month isn’t to become a reclusive hot-boxing hermit, who only tokes by themselves. The goal is to give yourself enough space to breathe in the perspective-expanding vapors of the sacred herb, and figure out what balance means to you. Get your own Chakras aligned first stoner Libra, then everything and everyone will fall into place.

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