Sagittarius Stoner Horoscope March

Sagittarius Stoner Horoscope March

Stoner Sagittarius it’s been a while since your true nature was able to stretch out unbridled on the terrestrial plane.  As much as you appreciate internal strategizing and building a plan, your core drives are out campaigning in the wild unknown.

This month will not satiate your internal desire, but it will continue building toward that end.  

Be prepared early in the month for communal smoke sessions with the broader smoke circle.  Stock the sacred treasure chest of cannabis with varied species and delivery methods.

The recent past has been filled with internal missions with your cannabis copilot.  Now internal sacred meditative strategizing smoke sessions will turn toward intel gathering amongst the ganja gang.  But be forewarned my stealthy Archer:  Remain rooted to your own domain or within verified safe spaces.  Universal influence surrounding outbound adventure remains obscured with inauspicious darkness.

Cosmic favor leans toward intelligent smoke sessions with the broader smoke circle, but do so only in verified, comfortable, guarded spaces.

This premonition has a double meaning as the month progresses.  What may appear to be intel gathering on a personal level for future adventure, will morph into strategizing for missions in the business sphere.  I appreciate you long for the action of battle my fierce Archer.  But no great garden of victory grew without a contemplative placement of well sewn seeds.

Yes stoner Sag, adventure is coming.  As with the internal medicated meditative smoke sessions in the recent past, this month is a natural progression supported by cosmic design toward the ends of your true purpose.  Wow, it must be heavy to be you.

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