Pisces Stoner Horoscope April

Pisces Stoner Horoscope April

Stoner Pisces, March was all about breaking away from the smoke circle to sit quietly with your thoughts and the sacred herb. It was a time to light up, to look inward, and take some much needed ‘Me Time.’ 

Hopefully you took advantage of this period to recreate, reflect, and hit the reset button. Because this month you will be rejoining your fellow tokin’ terrestrial cannanauts for happening hangouts and hotbox sessions.

We start April off with a New Moon my frisky Fish. Which aligns perfectly for showing your partners-in-chronic the new you. And whether or not they notice your rediscovered inner peace, they are sure to notice you have gotten your groove back. So roll up a few joints, and invite your cannabis companions to join you in a celebratory smoke session.

Stoner Pisces everything seems to be on the rise this April. The weather is heating up, your optimism is elevated, and you can even expect to grow your financial greens too!

Just remember that while building up your bank account is nice, it can be even easier to burn through those hard-earned bucks. To ensure your accounts don’t dip into the red, you will have to balance your eagerness to earn, and your readiness to spend.

After the bills are paid, go ahead and splurge a little stoner Pisces. Treat yourself to some of your favorite top shelf buds, or a few extra edibles for the weekend. But, remember that you will save more, and can even smoke more, by sticking with mid-shelf selections most days.

Stoner Pisces, you should still make medicated meditation sessions part of your weekly routine.  Maintain the calm you’ve cultivated over the past couple months. But, with Spring in full bloom, it’s time to light up and let loose. Your year may have started out with a slow burn my friendly Fish, but by the end of April, you’ll be blazing with the best of them.

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