Virgo Stoner Horoscope March

Virgo Stoner Horoscope March

Stoner Virgo, did you miss Valentine’s Day in February?  Perhaps the calendars are off.  The New Moon on March second is possibly your second chance at Valentine’s love.  

For partnered Virgos this means a chance at rekindling that old spark that lit the flame of the relationship.  Toke the opportunity to burn a bowl with your love.  Light the cannabis connection that assisted companionship.

For single Virgos this New Moon marks a moment for new possibilities.  You are entering a phase of opportunity for cannabis companionship.  Inhale the positive machinations of the sacred herb, and blow out the spark of manifestation.

Perhaps the February time period was more stagnant than you would prefer my lovely Virgin.  March will be the month of self motivation, and you are certainly capable of this task.

There are times to burn philosophical sacred bowls, and contemplate free-will versus destiny.  And there are times spark-up the divine inspiration contained within the magic of the sacred herb.  Get up and get moving stoner Virgo!  It’s all up to you right now.

Enjoy the month.  It gets off to a memorable emotional tone.  But then the bounty of benefits throughout the month all fall within your sphere of understanding and motivation.  

Associate action with smoke sessions.  Focus on health and body more so than heady contemplations of life, the universe, and everything.  As all things fall into place by month’s end.  Perhaps you will truly be able to question if your conscious actions got you there, or if it were destiny all along.

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