Aquarius Stoner Horoscope June

Aquarius Stoner Horoscope June

Stoner Aquarius most who know you would consider you to be a generally open minded being. But this June, with a little help from the sacred herb, and a few meditative smoke sessions, you will be able to fully awaken your third eye sight.

Whether you are working on an important project at work, or picking up on the vibes of your cannabis companions during your weekly smoke sesh, your enhanced attention to even the smallest details will be a big help to everyone.

Just be careful my burdened Water-Bearer.  Even if you are seeing things clearly from a lifted perspective, you don’t want your confidence and clarity to come across as being condescending.

Sometimes it takes passing the peace pipe around the circle a few times in order to get everyone on the same level. These are the times when the connection of cannabis can help to calm everyone, and be the catalyst needed to open the lines of communication.

Just be aware stoner Aquarius:  There may be a few conversations this season that should be more talking and less toking.  Be on the lookout for a partner-in-chronic whose vibe is feeling a little off.

You might be ready to blaze into the Summer sesh. Ready to pack the pipe, grab your sticky stash, and hit the open road.  Maybe it’s to light up at your favorite smoke spot for old times’ sake.  Or, perhaps you’re feeling adventurous and have no particular destination in mind.

However, there is someone in your inner smoke circle who isn’t quite prepared for the hot and hazy days of Summer ahead.  Rest assured stoner Aquarius, this person will get their groove back, in no small part because of your kind words and listening ear. But, while it’s great to supply a bud loving buddy with good green, just remember sometimes being a good friend is all that a person really needs.

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