Sagittarius Stoner Horoscope January

Sagittarius Stoner Horoscope January

It’s a new year stoner Sagittarius.  And with this change in calendar comes a cosmic breeze of energy and enthusiasm to fill your quiver.

Toke time with the sacred herb early in the month for a lifted strategy meditation session.  The New Moon on the 2nd marks a peak of cosmic energy sent your way.  Match bowls with the universe, and dare to dream stoner Sag.

But be careful my master Archer!  Avoid purebred cannabis strains.  Instead seek a nice Indica-Sativa hybrid for this energetic period.  The ideas will be flowing from your own instinct and universal support.  A pure Sativa cannabis strain could surge the energy in the universal amplifier to 11.  You aren’t a rock star stoner Sagittarius.  You are a warrior.

The important aspect of the January time period will not be in the high-minded idea generation, but instead it will be on the execution of high-minded ambitions.

Hence, a pure Sativa strain could get you stuck in a frenetic and manic stage of idea creation; and a pure Indica strain could negate the impact of the energetic universal blessing.

A 50-50 hybrid strain will utilize the perspective enhancing powers of your cannabis copilot, and leave you ready to act on your medicated meditations.

So dream big this month stoner Sagittarius, but don’t get stuck in your head.  There is action to accomplish on the terrestrial plane.  Unleash the cannabis enhanced powers of your mind, and follow the direction of your inner voice into productive battle.

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