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Gemini Stoner Horoscope January

Gemini Stoner Horoscope January

My spiritually flexible stoner Gemini, the January time period will test all of your skills of adaptability!  An easy task for the marijuana morphing Twin!

Puff puff pass on complex conundrums within smoke circle communications this month.  Recognize that everything is changing within the dynamics of your canna-crew.  

We’ve entered a new period of progress.  Shared stories and smoke sessions of the past will not relate to current cannabis communion.

Toke time early in the month to stock the stash jar with various cannabis strains.  Focus on flexibility with your sacred herbal medicine cabinet.  The power of the sacred herb can support you in so many ways.  Most importantly, the perspective enhancement of your third eye vision, as it relates to your cannabis companions, will be needed in the second Winter month.

Stoner Gemini, as you ride the energetic flow of the universe this month, use your cannabis copilot to see smoke squad dynamics with new eyes.  Terrestrial communications will be changing, but you will be changing as well.  Keep your third eye open to see the landscape from a higher perspective.

In the end, you are a flexible shape shifter stoner Gemini.  With the guidance of the sacred herb, this period will be a fun lesson in communication and companionship within the smoke circle.

Gemini Stoner Horoscope December

Stoner Gemini patience and understanding will be required to receive the celestial benefits of the first Winter month.  Our sacred herb can be a wonderful tool to help us see hidden mechanisms that might be holding us back from progress.

Perspective must be sought in December stoner Gemini.  We may all be trapped within our own perspective of life, but that doesn’t mean we can’t see and understand more grand perspectives beyond ourselves.

Planetary alignment will bring negative waves of envy to the stoner Twin this month.  It is a vicious thing to focus on what you don’t have, or what others do.

Toke time with cannabis this month as a tool to expand your perspective stoner Gemini.  Your cannabis copilot can take you deep within, and high above.  

The sacred strain and the consumption method does not matter in December.  The important aspect of the month will be your use of cannabis as a tuning fork for broader perspective.  Throughout the month, use the sacred herb to enhance your third eye vision of yourself and the world around you.

In the great words of Stewart Smalley, “You are good enough, you are smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like you.”

The Full Moon of December 18th marks a change in tone for the month.  Grab your favorite Sativa strains from the stash jar for this final push to end the year.  Communication with your fellow tokin’ terrestrial astronauts will slide into a free and easy state.  Projects, both short and long term, will gain momentum.

Stoner Gemini, the energizing nature of the Sativa cannabis species will assist in drawing out the positive potential of communal smoke sessions.  As it will also provide a sacred wind in your sail moving forward with passionate projects.

In the end the December period will be like so many others:  A blessing in potential progress with potential personal pitfalls of hubris.  Your cannabis copilot will be there to help you extract the good, and protect against the bad.

Gemini Stoner Horoscope November

Stoner Gemini …. Ready!  Set!  Go!  November promises to be a bustling period of frenetic energy and diligent work.  Time, effort, and labor will all blur together like no other period felt in the recent past or near future.

Let’s go stoner Gemini!  Put on your hard hat, grab your favorite piece, and embrace the grind.  

Fill your stash jar early in the month with pure Sativa and or Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strains.  There will be special exceptions, but the light energetic tones of the Sativa species of the sacred herb will assist with the enthusiastic commitment required in the final Fall month.  

Think of your cannabis prescription as matching bowls with the celestial influence.  Your cannabis copilot might be the sacred connection required to withstand and benefit from the intense cosmic winds pushing you forward.

Now the exception my curious Twin.  In a perfect world you will be feeling yourself and the frenetic energy of the universe.  Knocking down tasks, and leaping over obstacles in a single bound.  But all this hard labor comes at a cost to your cosmic spacesuit.

Tuck away some Indica species of the sacred herb for special rest and recuperative smoke sessions during the month.  Be forewarned:  These smoke sessions may not seem possible or needed as you exert your magical hard working powers on the terrestrial plane.  You will need to toke time for self.  It will be up to you to set aside time for these recuperative smoke sessions.

The Moon phases 4th, 11th, 19th, and 27th offer great windows of time to slow down and meditate with a sacred bowl of Indica.  There will be no depth of thought required during these smoke sessions.  Just focus on rest and recuperation to recharge and repair your cosmic spacesuit for the next push forward toward progress.

I know stoner Gemini:  Intense right?  You got this.  Embrace the exhilaration of the constant grind.  Toke time for medicated meditative moments to repair mentally and physically.  Everything will work out with great progress at heart.

Gemini Stoner Horoscope October

Stoner Gemini, for some in the stoner Zodiac autumn is a time to slow down, bundle up, and allow themselves a little more time being comfortably stoned on the couch. But, this month, the stoner Twin will not be caught lounging or wasting any of the limited hours of daylight the Fall season offers.

While many around you will be content slowing their role, tokin the easy route or blaming the weather for ignoring their to-do list, you will be steady on your grind; blazing hot trails through the cold, rainy days of the second Fall month.

For the stoner Gemini, this period can be a time of grand ideas and great accomplishment. Embrace the sacred sensemilla early and often this month; inhale the stimulating nature of cannabis, and elevate yourself to ever-higher levels of creativity.

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Do not be offended, or take it personally, if you initially face skepticism from your peers at work, or your canna-buddies. It’s not that they doubt your abilities or vision, stoner Gemini, but they know historically you can be sudden to switch your focus, and quick to find the next great passion project to pour your energy into.

Your best collaborators will be those cannabis comrades who can act as a counterbalance to your endless eagerness to start your next exciting endeavor; before you’ve completed the current undertaking.

Seek out the partners-in-chronic who are not looking to be entertained by lofty declarations; but instead, those who are genuinely intrigued by your bigger-picture vision. The ideal cannabis companion will be equally excited to put in the work needed to manifest your marijuana musings into tangible results; and only then, take a break to binge watch your favorite stoner comedy series, and pack bowl after frosty bowl.

Stoner Gemini, regardless of whether you are a part of team Indica, or stick strictly to Sativa dominant strains, consistency in your cannabis selection will be key to maintaining momentum and motivation this month. 

The Tokin’ Twin represents a duality, and this month it is up to you to decide whether to be the high-minded daydreamer, or the down-to-earth doer. One thing that is certain:  Indecisiveness will leave you looking back, wondering how you let all the infinite potential of the month go up in smoke.

Gemini Stoner Horoscope September

Dare to dream stoner Gemini.  The September time period is a powerful month for the stoner Twin.  Confidence, diligence, and a positive mental attitude will be the keys to unlocking the cosmic magic manifesting in the first Fall month.

Early in the month toke time with the sacred herb.  Dare to dream stoner Gemini!  Use communions with cannabis to fly high above the terrestrial plane.  See the gears grinding in the economic machine.  What is your place within this structure?

There is universal support for advancement in September.  But this support is not a gift my Twin.  Once you have meditated with the sacred herb to see yourself within the system, action must be taken to increase your position.  Use your cannabis copilot to see through the barriers placed in front of you; then puff puff plan on how to remove these barriers.

You have always been valuable stoner Gemini.  Now it is time to leverage that value, and turn it into influence.

The New Moon rises on the 6th of September.  This Moon phase brings a sense of organization to your physical space.  If you are the type of Twin that struggles to settle the mind for a medicated meditative dive with the sacred herb, then perhaps this early New Moon can be used as an opportunity.

I called for an early medicated meditative dream session with the sacred herb this month.  Perhaps this deep dive can come in concert with the New Moon house cleansing.  Busy hands and a dreaming mind.  There are no rules to meditation or contemplation my creative Twin.

Don’t let fear, uncertainty, and doubt trip up your third eye vision.  Again, this period is filled with support, not gifts.  All action and manifestation must come from within you.

Keep a high CBD, low THC, cannabis strain at the ready this month.  There could be times where fear, uncertainty, and doubt creep into your mental space.  Could you be overthinking it stoner Gemini? 

Use the subdued psychoactive CBD cannabis strain to calm the nerves and quiet the sabotaging mind.  You got this stoner Gemini, it was always within you.

Gemini Stoner Horoscope August

Are you ready stoner Gemini?  I know you are.  And the stoner Zodiac is waiting with anticipation.  August will be the time of the Twin, and the world will be a more exciting, and colorful place because of it.  

The universe will be shining a big bright light on you stoner Gemini.  Don’t get stage fright.  We all need you to perform.  Thankfully, this big bright beam will also come with a welcome, calming, creative influence to assist in your mission.  Stock the stash jar early in August with Sativa cannabis strains and Sativa dominant hybrids.  

On your quest for adventure in August on the terrestrial stage of life, the entire stoner Zodiac will look to the Twin for guidance and entertainment.  Avoid the couch lock, and potential heady paranoia of the Indica species in August.  Lean into your quest with bright, airy, energetic Sativas.  

Sounds like a lot of pressure right?  Don’t sweat it stoner Gemini.  Cosmic chaos will be replaced by an organized influence of destiny in August.  You always have a lot to say; now this time the entire smoke circle will listen.  

But wait, there’s more!  Perhaps this month is tailor made for the bifurcated stoner Twin.  Because one side will enjoy the attention, and the other side will find freedom in creativity.

The sacred Sativa prescription for August is perfect for this cosmic influence as well.  

Breathe stoner Gemini.  Inhale.  There are plenty of time periods where you may feel split, as the dual nature of your soul battles against each other.  This month, the Twin will be as one, working together in harmony.  

When I say ‘creative’, I mean it in a broad sense of the word.  It shouldn’t be applied strictly to artistic endeavors.  This month the trail of adventure is calling.  The bright beam of energetic influence and cosmic creativity will broaden the smoke circle, and manifest a choose-your-own-adventure situation with the canna-crew.  

Speak up stoner Gemini!  You know where the action is this month.  Bring as many canna-buddies along with you as you can.  

Make sure to keep a ‘go bag’ with you at all times:  Plenty of bud, a versatile travel piece to combust it with, and a light.  As you feel the creative flow in August, there is no telling where you might end up, and who you might be smoking with.  Stay hydrated yo!

Gemini Stoner Horoscope July

Stoner Gemini, the second Summer month is sure to be lit.  Your terrestrial travels will be bountiful and blessed; as the sweet Summer Sun sends cosmic kisses of warm energy to the creative Twin.

Feel the flow stoner Gemini.  This month your enigmatic personality will attract fellow cannabis connoisseurs as if a positive spell has been cast across the terrestrial plane.

You do not need the energy from the Sativa species of the sacred herb.  Nor do you want the chill vibe of the Indica species this month.  Seek out the tastiest 50-50 hybrid cannabis strains for your stash jars in July.  Bubble Gum or LA Confidential would be great choices!

Trust yourself stoner Gemini.  Get out and about with the canna-crew.  Allow the creative juices from your internal drives to guide your external activities.

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Again, there is a universal blessing in the planetary alignment this month that should attract congruous cannabis companions and ward off negative nerdowells.  Use your cannabis copilot as a catalyst to connect you with positive cosmic waves, and ride them with confidence.

Be careful stoner Gemini.  As you feel the flow of the universe, surely there will be adventure on your path.  Toke time with the sacred herb to contemplate the dangers that may come with the excitement of any particular adventure.  Use the medicated smoke sessions as a moment for pause, to ignite level headed decision making.

Creativity is an active stimulent to this positive cosmic wave of influence stoner Gemini.  Stay active.  Each day will not be a blessed adventure to the next secret smoke spot.  Toke time to fill the in-between moments with creative crafts and stellar stoner outlets.  Perhaps this month is the perfect time to take up a new hobby, or work on those strain reviews you’ve been contemplating.

Feel the flow stoner Gemini.  Both Twins can, and will, work as one this month to receive the cosmic blessings of the universal influence.

And …. Don’t forget to bring a towel.