Scorpio Stoner Horoscope June

Scorpio Stoner Horoscope June

Stoner Scorpio you are a resilient amazing creature.  This month will test every astrological characteristic flowing within you.  Remember your resiliency stoner Scorpio.  As waves of positive and negative charges lap at your internal beachfront, it will be your ability to plot forward toward progress that sees you through this turbulent time.

Whoa, that was dramatic.  Perhaps the month won’t play out like an action film, but more like a romantic comedy.  The bottom line is to prepare for wide arcs of influence from celestial bodies.

Nobody knows you better than yourself, my secretive stoner Scorpion.  Stock the stash jars with a wide range of cannabis strains.  This wide selection will allow you to pack the right bud at the right moment.  Trust yourself to be your own bud tender for the month.

You are the cannanaut of your own terrestrial experience.  But if I could create a guide for the month within the sacred herbal species, I would suggest:

First Decade:  Energetic Sativa.  This will be a phase of learned growth.  The more energy the better!

Second Decade:  Indica Dominant Hybrid.  Your stinger will be sharpest during this phase.  Blend clear communicative outpouring with measured contemplative thought.

Third Decade:  High CBD Strain.  Feelings will come rushing in at this stage.  Balance and clarity of thought must stabilize your sphere.

A wide range of emotions may seem daunting, but with the assistance of the sacred herb you will be able to view this month from a thirty thousand foot view.  You will emerge stronger stoner Scorpio. 

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