Virgo Stoner Horoscope April

Virgo Stoner Horoscope April

What stoner Virgo doesn’t like a good puzzle or a complex game?  The April time period will present challenges and obstacles synonymous with these methods and concepts.

Buckle up my valiant Virgin.  Before the big match, or when the puzzle lay in pieces, the forthcoming challenge can seem daunting and intimidating.  Trust and Courage will be required to complete the challenge.

The month begins without warning of the start time as the New Moon falls on March 31st.  Toke time in the first few days of April to meditate with the sacred herb.  Just you, your favorite piece, and some cosmic cannabis.

Focus your medicated meditation on Trust and Courage.

Trust yourself stoner Virgo.  You have all the tools required to solve any dilemma that comes your way this month.  Cannabis helps us see ourselves.  Take a mindful note with your third eye gazed within.  You have great strengths and wonderful attributes.  Acknowledge them.  Empower them.

The universal puzzle or the cosmic game presented this month are yours, and yours alone.  Steady your nerves throughout the month with high CBD rich cannabis strains.  You have entered a fluid period where options and obstacles must be addressed with confidence and Courage.  

One aspect of April that will be less murky and opaque is the sphere of love.  The planets have aligned in your favor my vivacious Virgin.  Perhaps this cosmic warm breeze will be enhanced by the early smoke session focused on confidence?  

No matter the sphere of influence or the cosmic conundrum presented, toke time with your cannabis copilot to instill Trust in yourself, and Courage to smoke the competition.

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