Sagittarius Stoner Horoscope February

Sagittarius Stoner Horoscope February

Stoner Pisces, did you enjoy a mellow start to the new year? Did you use the first month of 2022 to grind up the ganja and give yourself the time needed to gather your thoughts?

For those of you who embraced the opportunity to slow your roll, you can prepare yourself for an equally peaceful and stoney sequel this February. And for those who chose to chase the chaos instead of the calm, make sure you don’t miss out on this second chance to pursue a more peaceful path.

You are equal parts compassionate and chronic-loving my stoner Pisces. And in recent times you have been called to play the role of both a friend indeed and the partner-in-chronic others have grown to expect will gladly supply the greens when they need.

While this will still be the trend for February, you should keep your third-eye sight open and on the lookout for those whose moods might throw off your groove. Although you are usually deeply attuned to and influenced by the feelings of those in your orbit, you have been able to avoid absorbing the negative emanations from those nearest to you. 

My stoner Pisces, this February, you will still get to fulfill the role of the friendliest fish that you strive to be, but the cosmic protections against the negative vibrations of your fellow terrestrial travelers will wane as the month progresses.

Stoner Pisces, the best plan for a blissful month is to surround yourself with those cannabis companions you know are all about high times and good vibes. Of course, you can still be there to pick up those you encounter who look like they need to share a fresh bowl and who need a friendly ear to listen. Just don’t spend the whole month trying to lift the spirits of others at the risk of bringing your own spirits down.

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