Libra Stoner Horoscope January

Libra Stoner Horoscope January

Stoner Libra, the new year will truly be a time to hit the reset button.  An opportunity to turn over a new, fresh, and frosty leaf.  Just remember that starting over doesn’t always mean you are starting at the bottom. 

What do you do when the stash jar gets low?  You reup. 

My balanced stoner, regardless of where you begin, 2022 is the year of the come up!  And when it comes to how high you climb, the sky won’t be the limit; only how big you dare to dream, and how hard you are willing to grind.

Your energy, enthusiasm, and aspirations are likely to be contagious in January. While others hide inside, away from the cool winter weather, you will be the friend with the greenest ganja.  Lighting up, lifting spirits, and inspiring your fellow cannasseurs to get off the couch, and to keep it moving!

Stoner Libra, just like two bowls is better than one, you will accomplish more of your goals by teaming up with like-minded partners in chronic. Begin each brainstorming session by sparking up some sweet sinsemilla.  That will help to get the synapses firing at full speed, and assist in unlocking maximum creative energy.

This time of constructive cooperation is more than just the old saying that ‘sharing is caring.’  It’s about teaming up to imagine and manifest what individually would have been thought inconceivable.

This January, stay busy stoner Libra, but don’t forget balance. Invoke the uplifting vapors of the sacred herb to help you soar to new heights.  But remember your cannabis copilot is also there whenever you need to come back down to earth.

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