Sagittarius Stoner Horoscope April

Sagittarius Stoner Horoscope April

Stoner Sagittarius, with the Full Moon happening on the dawn of the month, you will experience a spark of inspiration and energy that will keep your spirit blazing throughout April!

Although it will be up to you to keep your stash jars filled with good greens and the frostiest nugs, one thing you can count on is that good times and ganja vibes will be in no short supply.

If you are a single stoner Sag, and there is an old flame you want to reignite, or a new romantic prospect you want to spend more time with, April is the perfect season to fire up a bowl together, and find out if the feeling is mutual. 

And if you already have that special cannabis companion to share that sacred smoke with, then April will be an emotionally fulfilling and fiery month for sure. 

Stoner Sagittarius, during this period when we talk about the economic grind, know that it doesn’t strictly pertain only to your time at work. You will easily rise above all expectations of your job, so right now your focus should be on the activities after you clock out for the day.

Roast up at the river my smokey Sagittarius. Fire up your favorite flower out in the meadow, or light up at the lake. Any day you are able to spark up outside of the house will be a day well spent.

Be confident my ambitious Archer that no matter how high you aim, you are sure to hit your mark in April. Know that when you are done puffing and playing out in Nature, you can return to your stoney sanctuary for a more relaxing smoke session to get some rest before the next chapter of your endo-adventure!

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