Cancer Stoner Horoscope June

Cancer Stoner Horoscope June

Stoner Cancer, this month, don’t worry about what your fellow cannabis companions are doing. This June is all about marching to the beat of your own drum, and about the trails that you choose to blaze. 

This doesn’t mean that all of your traveling and smoke sessions have to be solo. Afterall, there are few things better than soaking up the Sun, sparking up that sweet sinsemilla, and hitting the open road with your closest cannabis companions.

Your self-reliance and inward focus simply mean that on your many endo-excursions, you don’t have to be a passenger. It’s your time to take the wheel, my chronic-loving stoner Cancer.

You are known for being the kind, caring, and thoughtful Crab. The one who, whether good or bad, can’t help but to take everyone else’s feelings into consideration. It might take a few days to get used to, and more than a couple meditative bowls, but right now you need to put your needs first.

Self-care will be even more crucial as we transition into Cancer season at the end of the month. You are already one of the signs of the stoner Zodiac most in touch with their emotions. But, if you don’t toke time to find your center early in June, you run the risk of becoming overwhelmed by sudden surges of the feels.

Stoner Cancer, while some will say Indica can leave you stuck ‘in the couch,’ this relaxing and grounding cannabis species will be the go-to strains for the first Summer month. This season, the Sun is sure to provide you with an endless supply of energy, and Sativa dominant strains might leave you feeling more scatter-brained than inspired. 

Just remember that whether or not you choose more grounding kinds of green this month, the most important thing is that you choose to DO YOU stoner Crab!

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