Leo Stoner Horoscope April

Leo Stoner Horoscope April

Stoner Leo:  What’s that bright fiery object floating high up in the sky? No, it’s not a comet or a UFO, it’s the Sun! And this month my fiery Lion, you too will be a shining star.

In April it doesn’t matter if you’re a moonchild or not, all in the stoner Zodiac will get the opportunity for a fresh start. The New Moon happening at the dawn of the month means you can let all of the setbacks, and the false starts the year has brought so far, go up in smoke.

Some days were tinted with a glossy ganja glow, other times even the most enlightening cannabis couldn’t help you see through the fray. But now you will be able to light up, lift off, and rise above the haze.

Stoner Leo, set aside time early in the month for a deep dive into your subconscious. Breathe deep the perspective expanding vapors of the sacred herb, and allow the illusion of impossibility burn away with every puff.

With your third-eye open, you will have a new clarity of sight for the path ahead.  Your destination is wherever you want to go!

You no longer have to conform to the role of a cautious cat.  You can get back to your true form:  The loud-smoking, fierce and fiery Leader of the Pack.

We may not be officially in the season of Leo, but you are definitely in your element. Everything from the daily grind to the biggest sesh will be no match for you my stoner Lion. 

Just like the Spring causes the plants to bloom, and the greens to bud, you will help your cannabis companions flourish when they are in your presence. So roar loud and roast often stoner Leo, because once you ignite the fire inside of you, nothing will be able to put it out!

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