Aries Stoner Horoscope May

Aries Stoner Horoscope May

Stoner Aries should receive constructive blessings from the cosmos in May.  What are you building?  Where are you growing?

My unrestrained Ram, think about the final Spring month as a time to bring the life of the party to your work sphere.  There is much to do and much to accomplish.  The planetary alignment supports all systems GO!

Allow your mind to wander from the smoke circle stoner Aries.  Mercury enters retrograde this month, and with this cosmic conundrum comes diminished communications with cannabis companions.

Head strong arguments among friends could pose long lasting injury.  Celebratory bowls of the sacred herb will not be missed this month; matching sessions with canna-buddies will be replaced by solo excursions of quiet contemplation with self.  

Stoner Aries, this may seem antithetical to your natural drives, but the scenario should play out naturally as the month progresses.  Best buds and cannabis companions will be there when the work is done.   

All of this should flow just fine in your daily routine stoner Aries.  You will bring the life of the party to the workplace!  The Ram is quite adept at climbing steep cliffs.  This month will be focused on ascending higher into the economic ecosystem.  Whether it be that half baked idea you have been meditating on, or straight forward time on the work clock, exciting results will show from attendance and attention.

Don’t worry stoner Aries, the pot infused party will return to the personal sphere in the future.  You may be so busy building projects and pouring foundations of success for the future, perhaps you won’t notice missing out on smoke circle dramatics.

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