Aquarius Stoner Horoscope February

Aquarius Stoner Horoscope February

Stoner Aquarius, have you ever been smoking your preroll, inhaling the sweet vapors of the sacred sinsemilla, only to start coughing because you realized you smoked it down so much that you had started burning into the paper crutch? 

January was much like this: it started off smooth, fulfilling and enjoyable. But you may have burned too hot, too quickly and by the end of the month you found yourself out of energy with an empty stash jar.

Stoner Aquarius, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as you were highly successful in lifting the spirits of those around you. You shared your bright aura and good ganja with all of your fellow tokin’ terrestrials. You spread good vibes and shared high times with those in your orbit who really needed help rising above rough times. 

You don’t need to change your attitude or your optimism my water-pipe bearer, just try to slow your roll a little as you move through February.

Right now, you will need to swing your focus from serving others to self-care. Spend whatever time you need to rest and recharge your own cosmic spacesuit stoner Aquarius. 

Because health and healing are the goal, Indica dominant strains should be your go-to ganja selection during this season. Of course, you can seek out the consciousness-expanding Sativas when it is spiritual healing you want to focus on, but overall relaxation and recreation should be your highest priority.

Don’t worry though stoner Aquarius, low-key doesn’t mean you have to be lazy or that the month will be lame. You can still join your cannabis companions to share a joint or two, or enjoy late night bong rips with your best buds. Just don’t neglect your solo smoke sessions. 

You have an exciting and fulfilling year ahead where you will play the role of ganja guru, guiding your partners-in-chronic on countless endo-adventures. So, my stoner Aquarius, toke it easy now so your fire doesn’t burn out before you reach your final destination.

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