Cancer Stoner Horoscope May

Cancer Stoner Horoscope May

Stoner Cancer, the days are getting longer, and the temperatures are heating up as Summer draws closer. So why does it still feel like gray clouds are hanging heavy overhead, and spring showers will never end?

Look around you stoner Cancer. If the sun’s out, and the skies are clear, but you still find yourself feeling hazy or blue, you may want to turn your focus from upward to inward.

Maybe you haven’t been able to fully shake off the melancholy that marred the Winter months. Perhaps grinding day-in and day-out has left you feeling more like a cog stuck in the corporate machine, and less like your usual chronic-loving Crabby self.

The universe is not conspiring to harsh your high stoner Cancer.  It will be up to you, with a little help from some sacred healing herbs, to get your groove back. In the early days of the month, take a step back and toke time to light up, rise up, and look at your situation from an elevated perspective. 

Remember my contemplative Crab, meditation can be manifested in many forms. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hide away in a silent smoke-filled room, reflecting on past failures or resolving to do better in the future. 

Of course, you can choose to fire up a bowl of the greenest ganja, and pursue your peace by yourself. But you can also find your state of Zen on a Saturday afternoon spent with your cannabis companions hiking to your favorite smoke spot. 

Stoner Cancer, just know that you hold the key to making the most of May. Learn to light up and let go of whatever might be weighing you down, and your spirits will continue to rise with the temperature the whole month through.

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