Gemini Stoner Horoscope February

Gemini Stoner Horoscope February

Stoner Gemini, how did you make it through the dual retrograde cycle last month?  Did the magic of the sacred herb engage your super Twin power?  Well here you are, ready to shred, pack, and light up another exciting month.

Be prepared stoner Gemini, entering February will be like hitting that wall of sweet smells from the sacred herb.  You are in for a quick change of pace as the planets move on, and throw you into a different phase.

Keep smoke sessions light and airy.  Don’t dive in too deep at the beginning of the month.  Feel the change of pace with your raw psyche.  The cannabis strain does not matter, just make sure to consume just enough to get you where you want to go.

Once the beginning phase of the month is over, and you have caught your bud-loving bearings, you should feel like yourself again.  Your sense of humor will return.; your ability to adapt and thrive within a social setting will come to the forefront.  You may not have realized they were gone, but you will definitely feel them come back.  I’ll smoke to that!

Although the planetary motion will free stuck stash jars and ground joints, the new phase will bring a cooler to the work sphere and finances.  

February will be the month to take it easy on the toking.  Responsibility, accountability, and agility will be key.  Pinchie bowls go with pinching pennies.  Furthermore, a clear head may help you address some debt that is weighing you down.

The good news is that this potential tolerance break after the first six days of the month will be a breeze.  With the adaptive and communicative gears grinding once again, you may hardly notice the absence of your cannabis copilot.

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