Taurus Stoner Horoscope May

Taurus Stoner Horoscope May

Stoner Taurus, let’s look at the coming month as a powerful trip on a cannabis edible.  Trip being the key word.

In the beginning the feeling is serene.  A sense of calm and relaxation washes over you as if nothing has been taken at all, and this is your natural state of being.  Nice and pleasant.

But then the gears change.  The body biom begins to break down and consume the cannabis treat in a less familiar way.  Stable footing for the stoner Bull becomes shaken by terrestrial unease.  Unnerving and paranoid.

But you got this stoner Taurus.  You have ridden this canna-ride before.  Preparations can be made in advance for the known journey ahead.

The month of May could be gleaned the same way.  A pleasant calm feeling in the first decade will give way to turbulent cosmic waves as the month progresses.

Toke time to enjoy the beginning of May with communal smoke sessions with the canna-crew.  Recharge the spacesuit for the coming terrestrial cannanaut adventure.

Mercury retrograde is no treat.  There is no space map to the journey ahead, much like that powerful edible.  But you’ve been here before stoner Taurus.  You got this.

When communication breaks down with your stoner tribe, be fluid like water.  The more you hold your ground with the powerful weight of your stoner Bullish self, the more negative cosmic currents could sweep you away.

Use your cannabis copilot as a third eye guide.  Seek the perspective enhancing vision of the sacred herb in situations of turmoil.

Every trip is personal stoner Taurus.  However, the experienced cannanaut can escape the selfish trip trappings of broken communications to see the perspective of others.  Not easy, but the key to weathering this coming cosmic storm.  God speed stoner Bull.

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