Gemini Stoner Horoscope March

Gemini Stoner Horoscope March

Stoner Gemini I warned that better days of the year were around the corner.  The slow start to 2022 is over!  Get ready to rip and roll your way into a stoney cosmic adventure.

The action influence from the universe comes hot and heavy like a glob slab slammed on a glowing nail.  The New Moon on the 2nd will send cosmic waves of a shifting tide.  Pack a celebratory bowl for one on this date to welcome the change with your personal cannabis guide.

These action items will manifest in the work sphere.  Any passion projects or work tasks will get a boost from cosmic encouragement.  The wonderful nature of this influence implies that kind feedback will occur as a direct result of your actions.

Yes stoner Gemini; the only risk you run of missing out is the danger of couchlock.  Keep the stash jar loaded with energetic Sativa species to bring inspiration AND action to the forefront.

Ah my stoner Twin.  It just wouldn’t be a month worth remembering if you didn’t have some sort of battle with the dual nature of life, and within yourself.  As the month progresses there will be moments of trepidation and insecurity.

Toke a moment with the sacred herb to contemplate these situations before they get the best of you.  Perhaps, all that is needed is a positive outlook to see any obstacle or dilemma as an opportunity or learning lesson.  

These are the situations where a shared bowl with your close cannabis compadre might be the ear or sounding board needed to find the positive path.  

Good luck stoner Gemini.  There should be enough to do this month to keep you both busy!

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