Pisces Stoner Horoscope May

Pisces Stoner Horoscope May

Hopefully your cosmic space suit is ready my frisky Fish. The universe has cleared your airspace of any external obstacles, and you are clear for takeoff. So, buckle up stoner Pisces, because this month it is all systems go!

It may have taken you longer to get off the ground than some of your peers, but throughout the month you will continue to soar ever higher until you reach your cruising altitude.

Remember, you’re in the cockpit my high-flying Fish; how high you climb, and how far you journey will be up to you. With nothing but wide-open skies ahead, you can expect your trajectory to be meteoric.

Before you get blazing at full speed, be sure to spend a few days early in the month plotting your course. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in official meditative smoke sessions, planning every part or imagining every possibility of your journey. This month, a little time with the sacred herb will go a long way. 

Although you will have the time to take the scenic route, or to get lost wandering, it is still a good idea to have a final destination in mind. Just be sure to toke a few moments to puff puff and plan. It is important to look before you launch stoner Pisces.

While until recently it felt like you were trailing behind your fellow terrestrial cannanauts, now you find yourself in pole position. Just keep in mind that not everything this month needs to be a competition.

Now you are the friend in the lead with plenty of greens. But it wasn’t so long ago that you were the one who needed a little help from their friends. So be mindful stoner Pisces. While for you, the sky might be the limit, you have a few partners-in-chronic who will need a lift in order to soar among the clouds.

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