Pisces Stoner Horoscope March

Pisces Stoner Horoscope March

Stoner Pisces, you’ve spent the first months of 2022 playing the role of helper and healer to your cannabis companions. You were there for your smoke circle through their low moments, as well as the highs. 

But now we are in Pisces season my frisky Fish.  This month really is all about YOU! It’s time to toke a break from being everyone else’s ganja guru, and focus on giving yourself the attention that you need.

Start off the first days of March with deep and dank meditative smoke sessions. Spend time away from the smoke circle stoner Pisces; just you, your favorite pipe, and the sacred herb. 

Whether it’s your favorite secluded smoke spot, or in the comfort of your cozy stoney sanctuary; find a peaceful place where you can light up the loud, and quiet your mind.

Consider cerebrally-stimulating strains like Blue Dream or White Widow when selecting your herbal aids for these moments of medicated meditation. 

Blue Dream is ideal for when you are focused on holistic healing. Its vapors can uplift your consciousness, ease bodily tensions, and calm your spirit. It will help you enter into a contemplative state of mind without getting lost in thought, or stuck on the couch.

Stoner Pisces, switch up your prescription to White Widow when you are ready to turn reflection and exploration into implementation. It can be a bit more stimulating, and might leave you restless if you don’t have an outlet for the elevated creative energy. But it is a great strain for when you are really getting back into the groove of getting things done.

Just remember that the goal of this month’s solo smoke sessions isn’t to avoid your friends and cannabis companions. It’s about giving yourself the space and time you need to look in the mirror, and like what you see. So be mindful of your fellow tokin’ terrestrial astronauts, but stay focused on you, my friendly Fish. 

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