Capricorn Stoner Horoscope April

Capricorn Stoner Horoscope April

Stoner Capricorn of all the stoner Zodiac, you’ve had one of the most clouded and challenging beginnings to your year. I say ‘beginning’, but you are well aware that it’s been three rough and wild months of doing your best to navigate your way through the cosmic chaos.

Well, there is finally some good news my ambitious stoner Sea-Goat. Regardless of whether or not it’s written in the stars, you will be surrounded by more than just the sweet scent of sinsemilla.  This month, change is in the air!

And even better, the form this change takes will be manifested by you.  You are in control!

Be sure to toke before you take action stoner Capricorn. Spend the first days of April in deep thought with some healing, yet heady herbs. But be mindful that these earliest smoke sessions should be all about meaningful meditation. 

The goal of this time spent with cannabis is about cultivating clarity of third-eye sight, and clearing the mind of distraction. You don’t want to spend hours spaced out, lost in thought, only to find yourself more clouded than when you started.

Don’t worry stoner Capricorn, you won’t have to face this transition from chaos to tranquility all by yourself. With the New Moon happening on the dawn of the month, you will have a tangible turning point to mark the end of the tumultuous months.  There is a clear celestial line to begin your new journey along a more positive path.

Stoner Capricorn this hard-earned peace is something to commemorate. By the end of the month your smoke sessions will turn away from contemplation, and take on a more celebratory tone. Invite your partners-in-chronic to share in your good fortune and good ganja; because from here on out stoner Capricorn, life is only going to be top shelf for you!

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