Scorpio Stoner Horoscope February

Scorpio Stoner Horoscope February

Ok stoner Scorpio.  I feel you.  Is 2022 going to be 2020 too?  NO.

Early in the month, fire up the music, fire up the bowl, and fire up the good vibes.  There is a change coming quickly, and this marker could use a blessing of positivity.  Find a safe space to celebrate.  Whether you are into the healing properties of crystals, or the cleansing properties of smudging, combine your prefered holistic ritual with a bowl burning session with the sacred herb.

Use your canna-powers combined with your holistic healing ritual to accept the past, and manifest positivity for the future.  You can’t imagine how powerful this medicated meditative smoke session will be.

Once complete it will be like finding your voice again.  With honesty and integrity at heart, your words will find the target.  And it’s ok stoner Scorpio, sometimes words land hard.  Toke time for self, and smoke about any poor reactions you might receive.  I bet your cannabis compadre might do the same, and discussions with solutions will ensue.  

Just give it a chance, and you might find the smoke circle complete once again.  Tensions release with the soothing vapors of the sacred herb.  The ganja gang can laugh, cry, argue, and smoke again all in the same sesh.

Stoner Scorpio, in the middle of the month, an interesting conundrum might challenge your bliss.  Make sure you have sacred Indica strains available during this period.  Use the calming nature of your cannabis copilot to envelop all decisions with love and positive intentions.  This will not be the time to duke-it-out or make earnest declarations.  

My scorching Scorpion, tell someone (anyone) you love them this month.  Find your voice.  Express love and positivity.

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