Aries Stoner Horoscope March

Aries Stoner Horoscope March

Ok stoner Aries, the hangover of the slow start to 2022 is over.  Did you toke time to recover in February?  A cosmic window of opportunity is opening in March.  A new day you might say is upon us.

This transition into a more positive mental space comes right away in the first Spring month.  The New Moon on the 2nd marks a universal cleansing.  But, my rambunctious Ram, the blessings of this cosmic changeover might be felt differently depending upon the recuperative steps taken in February.

Be honest stoner Aries:  Did you toke time with cannabis to slow yourself down in the final Winter month?  Did you use the sacred herb to heal, and seek internal guidance?

There is great news for those Aries who addressed their physical aches, and mental anguish, with recuperative smoke sessions.  Now the landscape will shift.  Bowls will seem a bit brighter.  Circumstances may not appear to change, but the ideas and attitudes gleaned from those sacred moments with cannabis will shift into notes of positivity and hope.

For those stoner Aries who did not heed the words to slow down, and toke time for self in February, all is not lost; but there is still work to be done.  Absolutely this New Moon on the 2nd must be used to make up for lost time.  Sink deep into self with a solo medicated meditative smoke session in a safe space.

There are dangers in leaning into a state of melancholy with an internal self assessment.  However, the universe has your back finally!  Great discoveries await by connecting you with yourself through an exercise with cannabis.  Perhaps after this exercise you can catch up to your advanced brethren, and truly feel the positive shifts in the cosmic winds during March.

No matter your past, or your future, things will start to heat up this month.  A welcome cosmic warmth for any adventurous stoner Ram.  Use the cannabis connection with your third eye sight to see the hill in front of you.  Pipes are warming, but there are many bowls yet to be burnt before the peak is mounted.

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