Leo Stoner Horoscope May

Leo Stoner Horoscope May

Stoner Leo the final month of Spring enters into a period of conflict and turmoil.  But you don’t have to participate.

Usually the Lion leads the pack:  The first to break buds and pack bowls.  The universe is sending cosmic chaos to the stoner Zodiac.  Perhaps this month the stoner Leo will be a leader through absentia by example.

Fill the stash jars with pure Indica strains, and Indica dominant hybrids.  Calm, cool, and collected will be your mantra and impetus this month my leary Lion.

After the first decade of the month you will be able to witness your extended smoke circle enveloped by chaotic clouds of cosmic influence.  It is not your role to lead others to safety this month, but instead be the leader of example with your chill demeanor.

The reading I give as a general theme will be most felt surrounding the Lunar Eclipse on the 15th.  Toke time with the sacred herb in the days before the Full Moon to meditate and contemplate your action as a leader through inaction as a dramatic participant.

This time surrounding the Full Moon will be a great time for solo smoke sessions and solo projects around the house.  Use your third eye, stoner Leo, to avoid confrontation and conflict within the extended smoke circle.

Before you know it the final decade of the month will be present, and you will notice cosmic clouds start to lift from the stoner Zodiac.  This will be your sign to re-enter the terrestrial landscape as your usual outgoing self.  By the end of the month you will be breaking buds, and matching bowls with your stoner tribe once again.

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