Virgo Stoner Horoscope January

Virgo Stoner Horoscope January

Stoner Virgo, here … we …. GO!  The adventure of 2021 is now a memory.  We march forward into 2022 with everything we contain within. A new year to manifest our vision and being on our great terrestrial plane.

Our sacred herb is a large part of how we see the landscape in front of us.  Our cannabis copilot opens the doors to reality.  It enhances our third eye to see possibilities.

Know thyself stoner Virgo.  Often, vision isn’t your deficit.  You can create wonderful visions of manifestation, and march like a soldier to your canna-inspired destiny.  

But do you pack more than you can smoke?  Be honest stoner Virgo.  Has a dream of destiny created a mountain of tasks in the past?  Do you sometimes grind up more than you can burn down?

Drive, ambition, and creativity all must be tempered by perspective, humility, and honesty.

Use your cannabis copilot this month to slow down time.  Through regular and moderate meditations with the sacred herb, take a second look at your ambitious plans from a higher perspective. 

This medicated meditative task throughout the month will help you find balance my stoner Virgin.  The goal in life is not to pack the biggest bowl, it’s to enjoy the herb.  Don’t load what you can’t or shouldn’t smoke.  The process will be more fulfilling, and you might find more enjoyment in a higher quality manifestation.  Chill stoner Virgo.  You got this. 

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