Aquarius Stoner Horoscope April

Aquarius Stoner Horoscope April

Stoner Aquarius, if in March you finally felt like you were heating up, April finds you blazing bright, and moving full speed ahead. It’s no longer about breaking out of your funk, this month the goal is to keep your groove growing.

The winning recipe this season is pretty simple:  Keep doing more of what’s been working, and let the things that aren’t flowing, float away with the smoke.

This includes sticking with the strains that uplift and invigorate you, while avoiding those that call you back to the sluggish sanctuary of your couch.

It all depends upon the kind of motivation you are looking for my ambitious Water-Bearer. Here are a few strains to seek out and toke up this month, depending upon your mood!

Super Lemon Haze:  For when you are looking for inspiration, or wanting to unleash your creativity. Just like biting into the most sour citrus fruit, this strain will have you feeling invigorated and thinking:  ‘What can’t I do?!’

Strawberry Cough Diesel:  Don’t be fooled by the name, this strain can be an amazingly smooth smoke.  Stoner Aquarius you can expect a full-bodied warm feeling leaving you maximally relaxed, while also freeing your mind to soar to new heights.

Harlequin GDP:  A personal favorite, and recommendation for those who have been skeptical of Sativa dominant varieties in the past. Never too racy, this strain is an excellent specimen for when you are looking for that ‘mellow yellow’ kind of vibe. This one is for when you want to get in the zone without feeling overzealous.

Of course, stoner Aquarius, you can smoke any kind and variety of cannabis you want. But, if I could offer one piece of advice this month it would be:  No matter what dutchie you choose to puff on, know that it will be even better when you get to pass it to a cannabis companion sitting on your left-hand side.

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