Libra Stoner Horoscope March

Libra Stoner Horoscope March

Stoner Libra, sometimes life is like a bag of bud, and unfortunately, it’s not always going to be the top shelf kind. Sometimes it seems like the bag has more stems and seeds than anything worth smoking inside. 

When you get dealt a subpar sack you can choose to waste time picking through the unwanted parts trying to salvage worthwhile nugs. Or, you can count your losses, toss the whole thing, and try for a better bag. 

It’s only March my balanced stoner Libra!  Already you’ve experienced what seems like a year’s worth of seeds and stems. But this month it is time to let go of all the shortcomings, fire up some kinder buds, and toke a fresh start. 

The good news stoner Libra is that this month will be shwag free!  The stars have aligned in your favor, and the cosmic haze that overshadowed the first couple months of 2022 will fade, clearing the way for higher prospects. So get ready for a come up!

Of course, you will still have to work for it stoner Libra.

The first few days of March should be spent in meaningful medicated meditation. Breathe deep, inhale the perspective-expanding magic of the sacred herb. If the cosmos is bringing you a fresh start and new opportunity, you will need to know what you want to achieve, and how high you want to rise.

Don’t worry if you feel like the year has been mediocre so far.  Know that from this point forward how far you go will only be limited by what you can imagine. It’s finally your turn stoner Libra. Now it’s your time to dream big, smoke better, and manifest the magical future that you want to see!

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