Scorpio Stoner Horoscope May

Scorpio Stoner Horoscope May

Oh stoner Scorpio, what an interesting life you live.  The final Spring month will be no different.

The itch for change remains.  But universal energy is strengthening the key trait of solitude.  I had to take an extra pull on my own joint to work on this reading!

Toke time for yourself in the first half of May stoner Scorpio.  Your private nature is strengthened by cosmic winds of internal contemplation.  However, with these early smoke sessions, please take note of the marijuana smoke.  Your fellow terrestrial cannanauts cannot know your intentions or plans without your communication.

Yes, decisions and direction must come from internal contemplation my persnipity Scorpion; but everyone can use some guidance and assistance from their canna-crew.  Toke about it and talk about it stoner Scorpio.

May is split in two by the total Lunar eclipse on the 15th.

Even though the month is split, the work put into the beginning of the month will assist you at the end of the month.  Powerful energy will surround the stoner Scorpio after the Full Moon.

The itch for change and the potential repression of feelings could come pouring out.  Make sure to have your stash jars loaded with Indica strains surrounding this Lunar event.

Your stinger is sharp stoner Scopio.  Be careful not to injure your cannabis companions with undesired collateral damage from high energy surges during this time.

The sedative nature of the Indica species might help soothe your sharp instincts, and find contemplation over attack.

However, stoner Scorpio hear me now:  Switch to Sativa strains after the few days of energy overload are over.  We are meant to be in balance; the peak in energy will be followed by a valley.

Wow what a month my valiant Scorpion.  Take care of others, and be sure to toke time with yourself.  Seek wisdom and balance.  Everything is going to be ok.

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