Sagittarius Stoner Horoscope May

Sagittarius Stoner Horoscope May

Stoner Sagittarius, as we enter into peak Spring, the birds are singing, the buds are blooming, and the sweet scent of sinsemilla fills the air. Of course, you should stop to smell the roses, and to smoke your favorite kind of flowers, but you should also pay attention to the growth of your financial greens this month.

Stoner Sag, avoid getting your head stuck in the clouds.  If you keep yourself grounded, and focused on tangible goals, you will have amazing opportunities.  Perhaps expansion of your finances, and maybe even elevate your position both on and off the clock.

The time for waiting is over my steady stoner Archer. The time for doing is now! Apply for that promotion you know you’re qualified for. Or, take the leap, and switch to a job where your creativity can help you advance in your career, and where your passions will help you earn your paycheck.

If you do choose to blaze new trails stoner Sag, try to keep the pipe at home, and keep your work grind ganja free.  At least in the early days of this transition.

A cosmic haze will hang in the air most of the month and can result in misunderstandings among even the closest partners-in-chronic or four-twenty friendly coworkers. So, keep your mind clear while on the job.  You don’t want any other factors disrupting lines of communication.

Remember stoner Sagittarius, when it comes to manifesting your dreams into reality:  You can wish for them to come true, or you can work to make them happen.  One will get you there much faster.

Breathe easy stoner Sagittarius, it won’t be all work and no play in May. When the weekends hit, grab your travel pipe, and your favorite recreational reefer, and hit the open road.  Summer is quickly approaching, and the many stoney trails you will blaze all begin with a single puff.

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