Capricorn Stoner Horoscope May

Capricorn Stoner Horoscope May

Stoner Capricorn, you can expect your May to be filled with peaceful days of puffing your favorite buds with your favorite people. While the cosmos does not have any cataclysmic events in store for you this month, it is the overflow from the dramatics of the smoke circle that you will have to watch out for.

Other star signs in the stoner Zodiac may find themselves a little more on edge as some planets cast shadows of illusion, and create tensions where normally there wouldn’t be. Stoner Capricorn, while you may not be able to avoid encountering those who are having a rougher month than you, you can control how much you are affected by their negative vibrations.

My stoner Sea-Goat, while shying away, and avoiding all social interactions is one way to protect your own spritely spirits from being brought down, it is not the most advisable.

The best way to keep your own mood elevated, and your optimistic attitude flying high is by sticking to a consistent, smoke-filled regiment of selfcare. Afterall, a little medicated meditation can work wonders. 

Don’t be afraid to dip out to sneak-a-toke if you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the stuff happening to your fellow tokin’ terrestrial astronauts. Afterall, with everything going on in their own orbit, they may not even notice you left.

Stoner Capricorn, I am not saying you have to pass on all the social smoke sessions. But it may be a good idea to keep your smoke circle limited to invite only. 

There are few situations when tensions flare between best buds that the peace pipe can’t help calm. But a bunch of stoney strangers is a different story. So my indulgent Sea-Goat, as long as you know the people you’re sharing your pipe with, you will spend the month of May in good company:  Making great memories smoking the finest greens.

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