Taurus Stoner Horoscope January

Taurus Stoner Horoscope January

Are you ready stoner Taurus?  I hope so.  2022 gets off to a fast start!  Make sure the stash jars are loaded, and you have enough to share.  

Universal influence in January begins as the ball drops on 2021.  Be ready by the New Moon of the 2nd.  Don’t get caught without your favorite strain or your favorite piece.

There will be strong cosmic waves of positivity centered around matters close to the heart.  This should soften the hard-charging stride of the stoner Bull.  Relationships with close cannabis companions and the stoner fam will reach new highs.

So whether you stock the stash with edible shareables or stand ready to pack a bowl for two, this month will be all about connections with cannabis.

However, be forewarned stoner Taurus:  Don’t get stuck in your own head with lofty expectations.  Don’t place your high-minded ambitions on matters of the heart.  Allow your cannabis copilot to guide you within the universal flow.  Good things will come, you just have to let them happen.

As you find your inner chill with the stoner fam, also seek moderation and caution with spending in January.  I love your ability to charge straight ahead and go for the big wins, but money matters will need more thoughtful consideration.

The beautiful aspect of the celestial influence this month is the fact that your true canna-fam only care about you, not your things.  Sink deep within your support group stoner Taurus.  Toke time to share the good green with your best buds.  Everything else will take care of itself.

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