Leo Stoner Horoscope February

Leo Stoner Horoscope February

Stoner Leo, you headed into the New Year with optimistic anticipation, excited to say goodbye to all the rough waters you navigated through 2021. But, like many of your cannabis cohorts, your eagerness may have clouded your vision leaving you unable to see the equally rough rapids January had in store.

The bad news: unfortunately, my stoner Leo, I cannot say that the cosmos are ready to clear the skies and calm the choppy waters quite yet.

This means that during this transitional period in February, you will need to toke it day by day. Use these last days of hazy uncertainty to grind up, light up, and allow the healing vapors of the sacred herb to make the much-needed repairs to your cosmic space suit.

The good news: there’s not much further to go before you will once again be flowing along peaceful cosmic currents.

Stoner Leo, since you are stuck in standby month, you might as well make the most of it! You should put off making any big decisions or taking long trips during this time. So, hit up your partners-in-chronic, gather up everyone’s favorite sativa or indica selections, and smoke until the path ahead becomes clearer. 

Don’t let yourself feel down if it doesn’t feel like you’re moving forward fast enough this month, stoner Leo. Sometimes we just need to sit with stillness. Allow the sacred sinsemilla to serve as the backdrop for these peaceful sessions of THC inspired tranquility. 

Stoner Leo, you will be back to your full fiery ferocity next month; space-cruising through terrestrial planes, reaching new highs and new destinations. But, at least for the moment, it is best to burn your bowls close to home and let your imagination do the wandering! 

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