Virgo Stoner Horoscope June

Virgo Stoner Horoscope June

Stoner Virgo, have you ever heard the phrase, ‘It was written in the stars’?  Well, I think they meant planets, and boy do you have a book to read this month!

One of your largest character traits and strengths will put you at the mercy of planetary alignment in June.  You have a great ability to be stable while also being flexible.  This key characteristic will be tested in June as you can expect to be pushed and pulled in multiple directions by cosmic influence.

Your cannabis prescription this month is EVERYTHING!  Fill your stash jars with a plethora of cannabis species and strains.  From high CBD to blended hybrids, and even some pure breads for sure.

Believe in yourself stoner Virgo.  Arm yourself with the right cannabis tool for the correct moment.  The shifting landscape of cosmic influence will require an ability to remain stable while bending with flexibility.  But remember my stoner Virgin:  This ability is within you.

There will be moments of extreme confidence wrapped in resolve.  Select a hybrid for these extreme moments to soften the edges of cosmic influence.

There will be moments of danger within communication conflict.  Sense these moments stoner Virgo.  Select a more contemplative Indica strain to help yourself think before speaking.

There will be moments of raw emotion from internalizations.  Find a Sativa dominant hybrid to soften the raw edges of powerful growth and remembrances.

I cannot say if this will be a positive or negative month for the stoner Virgo.  I can say that you have everything you need to make it a month of progress and great growth.  Pay attention to your personal environment, and adjust accordingly.

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