Gemini Stoner Horoscope June

Gemini Stoner Horoscope June

Feel yourself stoner Gemini.  Strength within will be buoyed by universal support in June.  Let’s go!  You are a multifaceted soul traveling the terrestrial plane.  This month will be a dance within this multifaceted nature.  

Stock your stash jars with pure Sativa cannabis strains and Sativa hybrids to start the month.  The celestial influence of the first half of June will be in support of creative Twin.

This influence will support both thinking and physical manifestation.  Whoa bud, what if you manifest creative thought while producing creative art?  Stoner mind blown.

After the first decade of June, cosmic support will shift to matters of an internal nature.  Ease into more balanced hybrids at this stage to open up internal dialogue and seek fresh discoveries within.

June 14th marks a Super Full Moon.  Stoner Gemini, the period after this Lunar event will be a time to pull back and heal.  Pack your bowl with cannabis strains high in CBD for a few days to encourage this rest and recuperation.

After the 18th you will be ready to pack, light, rip, and exhale any desired strain you prefer.  All of the prescriptions and efforts put into the beginning of the month will result in an outburst of social exhibition.

Feel yourself stoner Gemini.  Nurtured internal work will turn into positive outward manifestations.  What a wonderful world!

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