Virgo May 2015

Virgo stoner, progress can be boring sometimes.  If I were to tell you that no significant events or forces would be in action in May, would that please or depress you?  Honesty and straightforwardness are ingrained in your psyche, so I will give it to you straight.  The world is what you make of it in May.

There are no overwhelming forces pushing or pulling you in one particular direction in May.  The universe is at a stand-still when it comes to your life.  This provides a wonderful opportunity if you are up to the challenge.  It’s time to unleash creativity and introspection.

Spark one up, and use the sacred herb as a catalyst for your adventure in May.  You must unleash your creative instincts and use your organizational skills to document and plan for the future.  If you don’t take action in May, the month will pass you by with no significant result.  Put time and thought into what interests you, and document your creative thoughts and ideas.  Do this for what is important to you, whether it be work, a relationship, or investments.  The universe has blessed you with a gift in May, but it requires your action and attention.

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”  Bob Marley.  How often do you think about yourself and your position on Earth and in time?  May is the perfect month to take some time for yourself with the sacred herb and contemplate who you are.  

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