Scorpio May 2015

Action equals Success.  Action equals Success!  Are you getting this Scorp?  My cannabis companion, you cannot afford to be couch locked this May!  Yes you will have reasons to celebrate!  Yes you will have time for you and your loved ones and yes this is going to be a stellar month for you.  So keep that pep in your step and pick the right stain for the right occasion!

Your love life will be blissful if only you let it be.  The universe is showering you with positivity in the love department.  If you’re in a long term relationship you will reach a whole new kind of high.  This is better than the meditative state of that indica medible you tried last month.  Whatever you had in the past will be crystallized into a new better picture for the future.  If you are single, May is the month to put those dreams into action.  They are just waiting on you my dear Scorpio.

You’ll also be very happy you saved all that pollen from your grinder for the past month as you will be using it to celebrate one of the  biggest & best shindigs you’ve put together thus far.  Round up all those friends you have not seen in months or even years and show them why you’re the best host around!  It is an event that will be talked about for years come if you put it into ACTION!

Your working realm will be just as spectacular as your social life this month.  In fact, stoner Scorp, you will see just how much you’ve laid as a foundation in your working world.  Not to mention how big it will actually grow!  In May all your colleagues will be on your side.  Do not let any little disturbances cause you worry as they will dissipate just like your clouds of vape.  Remember the word for this month is ACTION!  Take action and watch your financial situation skyrocket.  You are the master of your destiny.  Make sure you are the one to choose your own path.  

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