Aries May 2015

For my smoking Aries the month of May will be quite amicable.  Do not become lackadaisical due to this break in chaos.  Yes you deserve an indica butter break!  Just hold off on that until you’ve made your decision on the direction you should be going this fine, fine month of May.

How are you feeling about your relationship this month Aries?  Are you allowing negative vibes to subside or are they germinating like the legendary Lowryder plant?  You can bet your bottom dollar that your relationship this month will shape up exactly the way you see it:  Whether that look is good or bad is up to you.  During the middle of the month be prepared to deal with a true test of fate.  Meditate on it and follow your intuition as some doors will close and others will open depending on your actions.  On the up side follow your feelings and  be attentive to you lover and all situations will seem blissful in the end.

You may feel stress in the form of negativity from co-workers this month.  You need to take some time to figure out how to overcome any obstacles with your working relationships.  Keep your cool and these and other problems will drift away just like you do on your vape session at the end of the work day.

May is the month to be proactive in your working world.  Do not sit around and wait for the opportunities as they will come to you when you are actually doing what you do best, taking action!  Do not rush into anything, stay positive and overcome obsticals are your best actions this month. You can do it Aries! Yes you can.

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