Virgo June 2015

Virgo stoner, batten down the hatches!  Sound the alarms!  We are going down!  You will need to seal your ship well to survive the pressures of the negative depths June will push you to.  The Indica species of the sacred herb will be your friend in June.  Contemplative meditation is a requirement for you this month.

The golden rule of June:  Combust the sacred herb before dealing with a combustible situation.  The universe has given you a difficult month to deal with stoner Virgo, but you can get through without drowning as long as you keep your cool.  You MUST see yourself from a new perspective in June.  You MUST also take criticism from others with care and understanding.  This may not be easy for you, but defensive and confrontational behavior will only push you to further depths of negativity.

These warnings and rules apply to both your workplace and love life.  If you recognize the dangers and go into June with a plan, you will be able to survive without losing position or love.  The message of June isn’t just about conflict avoidance, it’s about empathy and understanding of those around you.  One of my favorite phrases is suited just for you this month stoner Virgo, “Breathe and let it be.”

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