Pieces June 2015

Stoner Pisces, the month of June brings you all that is good, bad, and bumpy.  Know this for certain:  For each bump, twist or turn there will be an equally smooth section of travels on this road called life.  For the best results you should meditate with a nice indica and try to identify which parts are which and adjust yourself accordingly.  It will do you well to not waste energies and efforts on the uphill climbs.  Instead, save those positive energies for coasting on the downhill.

In the workplace, your focus should be on deciding who you consider to be a bud and who is a dud.  A bud will be by your side helping when and where they can to keep you moving forward.  A dud, well it is just better to avoid their advice, usually these folks would rather see you stumble versus succeed.  Even though it may be others who begin disputes, be kind in your conquests.  Whether you are met by success or failure you are the one who will gain knowledge and understanding from the situation.

Since the workplace may be called unstable at best this month, it is a good thing that home can be called your sanctuary.  After days that may seem never ending, get home, grab the sack and pack a bowl of that green goodness.  You have friends who are more than willing to help you with this particular task.  It’s June and summer is almost here—the season for ultimate growth.  Even if your goals seem far off the path will be illuminated by the light from you and those surrounding you.  As long as you keep doing you can keep dreaming.  It’s okay to have your head in the clouds if you like the view that you find.

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