Taurus June 2015

June will be a month of powerful positive influences for my Stoner Taurus.  You will receive very positive energies that will aid you in the many life-defining moments.  These moments that you will encounter may be specifically directed to you or they may very well be in your quest to help others.  I suggest keeping your dug out with you at all times this month filled with a nice hybrid.  You will seek the many moments to have a nice quiet meditation all on your own.

Your career will not be at a standstill this month.  Duly note that by the end of the month, everything around you will change.  These changes will continue at a gradually increasing rate as time progresses.  It is best that you prepare yourself now, so that you can take all these changes with grace.  This does not mean that the Bull will not be presented with career opportunities at this time; rather, there will be many difficult obstacles that stand in your way.  Take a side line position and be as objective as possible.  Avoid making any serious decisions this month.  Keep it simple, stick to the basics, and continue to show your value by day to day tasks on a much smaller scale.

Your personal relationships will be where you shine brightly this month.  You will start to see your life purpose in a much brighter light than ever before.  Have no doubt that if your desires are pure of heart and not based on greed, the Universe will be there to help make sure you get you deserve.  You might have many people come to you for help.  It is your job to help guide them back to the path of righteousness.  Put all your effort into providing  a better, more loving place for yourself and those around you.  Be as patient and sympathetic as possible, and be free of all judgments.  Your light is so bright, especially now with the stellar positivity as your ally, and the world is counting on you to share all that love you have inside of you.  If you start to feel overwhelmed by all of the outside vibrations you will be exposing yourself to, take some time for good outdoor meditation session to reset.  They hybrid I suggested earlier will help to keep your creativity up and your body and mind at ease.  You mustn’t neglect yourself this month Taurus, as you are much needed in the Universe!

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