Virgo August 2015

Stoner Virgo, you have my sympathies.  The last couple months have not been the best way to start your summer.  Sympathies can turn to cheers in August!  The dark cloud of frustration and challenges has passed you by.  Puff puff pass the bowl, August is finally your time to shine this summer.

Stoner Virgo you are like an action hero with both guns blazing in August.  No task is too difficult and no problem is too big to accomplish what you want to get done.  This is no time for couch lock, be cognizant of your smoke sessions.  This month brings a rare opportunity for productivity and ambition.  You don’t want to waste the blessings of the cosmos drooling and staring at the TV.  Stay heady and keep your head.

Warning:  The universe could punish you if you don’t take advantage of your gift.  If you keep your guns holstered in August and let the month slip by without action, you will find the universe will replace your inactivity with problems.

Be very careful with your personal relationships.  Your energy and efforts to get things done in August may intimidate some close to you.  If envy manifests itself in others around you, play it cool.  This feeling is their own, and it isn’t your responsibility to solve.  Avoid conflict, and allow others to work out their own problems.

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