Aquarius August 2015

Stoner Aquarius, you may feel that life is dull and uneventful, or at least moving at a slower than usual pace.  But, like making the perfect munchie-curing meal, there is going to be some prep work required.  When your schedule seems like you have too many blank days, take the time to figure out how you want to fill them and then put it into action.  Perhaps you’ve been thinking about a new hobby like hemp braiding, hiking, or maybe you want to try your hand at creating blunt art, (yup, it’s totally a real thing.)

August and peak summer sun will help to fill you with a seemingly endless supply of energy.  You will have the resources, mainly plenty of time, to pursue new experiences.  Without an outlet for activities you risk that energy turning into restlessness—so keep yourself busy.

One thing you definitely don’t have to worry about this month is worrying.  Your abilities and determination will leave you with no lasting problems, especially in the workplace.  Whether it’s at work or a weekend smoke session with the buds, be sure to pay attention and to listen to those around you.  Others may have welcomed insight into ideas you’ve been trying to work through on your own.  The herb somehow seems to taste better when it’s being shared with someone else.  As we head into the final leg of summer, make plans to share your peace with the ones you love.  Sometimes it’s fine to not worry about where you’re headed if the company you are with is good.

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