Aries August 2015

My dearest stoner Aries, prepare yourself for a unsettling month in August 2015.  You will be whipped around by strong energy forces.  Some positively unnerving events will be hoisted upon you and you must do everything in your power to find balance.  Your job this month will be to find and maintain an inner calm.  Take part in the sacred herb during your quiet and meditative times.  Lean on it when all else seems to be raining on your parade.

Work will be your respite if you can manage to keep your wits about you.  Take on new tasks or projects to keep your mind focused.  If I may suggest; look into a mild sativa to keep your energy levels working for you during your working hours.  Your creative energies will be flowing and will not need any extra push from strains of indica.  Be sure to utilize your energy efficiently as you will need much on the home front.

Brace yourself Ram and do not charge.  It will be a difficult month in terms of your relationships.  Be sure to give yourself a lot of time to meditate in August.  Expect many upsets and most importantly do not allow yourself to become outraged or angry.  Do your best to see each situation as just that:  As they say in Jamaica “There are no problems, only situations”.  For you, Aries, this is true.  You have the ability to overcome everything that August throws at you.  Be calm and Dab on this month when you are away from work.  Be kind no matter how awful your friends, family or lovers may be and you will come out on top.

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