Virgo April 2015

Stoner Virgo, April is a period of time where your true nature will shine through without obstruction.  As you know, this can be good and bad as you have great qualities that are often contradicted by social struggles.  April brings a gift to the Virgo stoner.  This is the perfect time for introspection to work on the personality qualities you would like to improve while your main set of characteristics guide you through the month.  Spark one up stoner Virgo, the sacred herb has always been your friend for journeys inside yourself and can help guide you to great growth in April.

Work will be smooth and prosperous in April as long as you put your normal analytical focus into it.  You should lean on your skills of observance and make precision decisions in the workplace.  Trust yourself, you got this.

Your personal life is free from negativity in April.  This information does not mean to invite you to kick back and take it easy!  April is the perfect month for activity and bonding with friends and loved ones.  Avoid any depressants like liquor in April.  Seek the soul freeing guidance of the sacred herb, and find fun-loving adventure.  Take a hike with your family.  Go on that road trip with your best friend.  Take a trip to the beach.  Take your kids to the arcade.  There are so many things you have been thinking of doing with friends and family whether you are single, married, young, or old …. April is the time to make it happen.

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