Sagittarius April 2015

Stoner Sagittarius, this month your biggest challenge will be figuring out how well you know yourself.  It’s not necessary to avoid Sativa strains all together, just be mindful of the ones that have high potential for producing paranoia.  Otherwise, the expansive properties of Sativas may be just what the doctor ordered.  Usually, when we look around long enough the source of our problems present themselves, don’t forget to spend a little bit of this time in front of a mirror.  Reflecting upon all the small things we want to see differently about ourselves will be a great use of all the new-life energy that spring brings to you this month.  Know that our family and friends can help and support us in our conquest toward betterment, but you are the one who can give the green light to get the process rolling.

Sagittarius, remember that before the joint can be smoked, it must first be rolled.  In order to reap the benefits of our personal relationships, we must first invest our time into them.  This month, you will have all the tools necessary for great joints and to grow the connections of those closest to you as long as you are willing to put in the time.  Whether it is in the workplace or the bedroom your goals are more than achievable.  If you feel like something or someone is holding you back…it’s probably YOU.  Allow yourself the time for a breather, to take a bit of space to be alone.  These smaller breaks from the tasks or problems at hand will give you the chance to realize that a simple change of attitude or approach will make all the difference between small failures and big accomplishments.

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