Aries April 2015

Stoner Aries, surround yourself with as much positivity as you can.  It is going to be a rough month for you.  You will need to put on the magic hat of logic and stash away the over emotional side of yourself.  Speaking of stashing, burn up your predisposed ideas concerning people, places and ideas this month as it will fervently hold you back.

If you are going to use up your energy this month focus it into your love life.  If you are attached you need to wade through this month with your partner no matter how sticky the black tar hash gets.  I strongly suggest a few hybrid enhanced meditative evenings this month so you both can get on the same vibe.  It will help to open up those locked doors and start an honest conversation on where you are and where you both want to go.  Do not become ashen with sadness.  Your relationship can flourish again if you simply choose to work it out during this very emotionally complex month.  Lean on your best friend and listen to them.  You will really have to just go with the flow this month in love my stoner Aries.  Do not by any means fall down the depths of despair:  In the next six weeks you will be able to follow your feelings as they will be more true than they are this month.

This is the month in business to focus your energies smartly.  You will need all your pistons firing so leave the pipe at home or consider some CBD or a lighter strain of sativa at work.  Make that to do list and prioritize it.  Do one thing at a time and do it well.  Steer clear of the smoke and mirrors that may make you consider a bad business deal.  It is best to keep things logical and in order this month.  Do not try to rock the boat and work will float by easily this month.

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