Taurus October 2016

Stoner Taurus, it will feel good to be you in October.  All the senses and traits of the stoner Taurus will be tested in October, but on their terms.  As usual, the dueling characteristics of the stoner Taurus will be at odds in October.  As reliability & ambition battle against possessiveness & laziness, the stoner Taurus should feel right at home.

October will be a wild ride for the stoner Taurus.  There will be a huge amount of decisions and choices to be made in the October time period.  These decisions and choices will be varied and unpredictable.  The good news is that the stoner Taurus will have all the information required to make a positive impact on the universal clutter headed their way.

Ahhhh, all the information the stoner Taurus will need, and then some!  Here lies the problem with the month of October for the stoner Taurus, Information Overload!  The month may seem scrambled and chaotic at many points in the month like the beginning of the 1990 song Information Overload, by Living Colour.  Meditative smoke sessions with the sacred herb will help vitally in sorting through the cosmic clutter and making sense of where the information ends and the decision begins.  These points of decision making will be evident in work and play.  As all the information comes in stoner Taurus, don’t get over-loaded!  Mediation and moderation are the keys to successfully visualizing all the different choices and directions you can take in October.  Don’t over cook the cannabis or you may become over-baked.

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